Tips For Keeping Warm This Winter

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Frozen toes and ice cream headaches can’t stop you from reaping the benefits of cold water swells. I know it’s tough to not dream about surfing tropical waves while you’re out braving the elements, but there actually are a few things you can do to make your body feel a little more tropical without jumping on a plane. Here are a few tips for keeping warm this winter:



Layer Up

Give your waterman an extra layer of warmth with the watermen shorts, an Original Watermen boardshort liner.  These shorts will keep you nice and toasty underneath your wetsuit. It also offers you an easy transition from wetsuit to clothes and back. The extra layer will work to trap your body warmth from escaping. If you want an extra up top, try our surf rash guard under your wettie, as well. It’s the same concept as wearing board short liners, you’re giving your body another way to trap your hard earned heat. It’s also a good plan of attack to change in a warm place, don’t let your body catch the chill.

watermen shorts, layer up, boardshort liners, Original Watermen



Food equals fuel and fuel gives you heat. Make sure to have food in your belly before you go brave the cold. Don’t go gordito though, give yourself plenty of time to digest (couple hours) before you start mad dogging for waves. We recently wrote a blog on what should include the perfect pre-surf meal.


Keep Moving

Whatever you do, don’t toss anchor once you’re out in the lineup. Keep yourself moving and the blood flowing. Stay active and your body will never get the chance to settle into the cold. There’s nothing worse than surfing with cold little piggies because once they are cold they aren’t going anywhere, not even to the market. Keep the blood flowing and the body moving. This technique may also get you into a few extra peaks.


Winter is here. Instead of dreaming of warmer days embrace the cold and be prepared with these simple tips. There’s something gratifying about overcoming the elements to Earn Your Salt.