What to Eat Before a Surf Session?

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Planning the perfect pre-surf meal

The pre-surf meal is always  tricky battle to approach. Do you not eat and risk being hungry or do you eat and risk the ‘just ate and now I am doing intense cardio and I might puke’ situation? Here is Original Watermen take.

 There is a little bit of drama that goes on in pre-surf eating. Nutritionists feel that anything you eat within two hours of performance won’t directly affect you. In order to feel the effects of the nutrition in your food you need to digest it. Eating within 2-3 hours of surfing does not really do you much good besides fending off hunger but may ultimately result in making you feel like a fishing weight slowing sinking to the bottom of the ocean. We would suggest finding a good amount of time to enjoy your food before you surf. Now, having said that we are practical community of surfers and watermen who are not exactly on any formal schedules, rather, our days are orchestrated by the wind and tides. So, if you’re ready to hit the surf but need a little pre-shred pick me up here is what we suggest:

Before we get into foods, the key to a successful pre-surf meal is hydration. Lots of water. The sun, salt, and paddling will wear you down and dehydrate even superheroes like Aqua Man, set yourself up for optimum performance by drinking plenty of water before your surf.

For a short, less than 2-hour surf, we suggest smoothies, fruits, nuts, or protein bars. For one thing, these simple foods will get you in the water quicker allowing you to get the most out of your short window of surf. Eating less at this point in your day also helps for quick digestion which means a shorter amount of time until you get to enjoy the benefits of your food.  For a surf trip, it would be crucial to have satisfied your appetite a bit without over eating. We go for foods rich in carbohydrates, protein and salt. Things like breakfast sandwiches, toast with avocado, banana and peanut butter sandwiches, or a grilled chicken spinach wrap are some of our favorites.

 Try to give yourself a little time to digest before your start packing tubes. Let your body digest and prepare for a session. Bon appétit to a high fueled yet comfortable surf session!