Surf Trip Packing Tips

Surf rash guard is a must for your trips

Surf rash guard is a must for your trips

Surf trips are the Holy Grail for a surfer. Most of us live at a subpar local break and we if don’t, the idea of breaking the everyday monotony and seeking adventure is enough to dedicate our lives to surf tripping. We work to take surf trips; it’s a means of happiness. The adventures spell our success. Whether you score the waves of your lifetime or just get to enjoy a new place and culture, one thing you can do to set yourself up for a good trip is to be prepared. Here are the things we include in our surf pack so that all we are thinking about is searching for perfect wave set-ups and not searching for anything we forgot back home.


Surf Trip Wear

Surf  rash guard is a must for your trips. If you are traveling to find waves, then you are probably going to spend most of your daylight time in the ocean. That’s a lot of sun and wear and tear on your skin. Keep it simple and stay protected in Original Watermen’s rash guard. The benefits are endless and here is a post to keep even more informed on rash guard benefits.

Original Watermen’s board shorts are our premiere super stretch short that will keep up with you wave to wave on your next surf trip. These bad boys are the prefect surf trip short because they are fast drying, allowing for the perfect transition from barrel to post surf beers at the surf camp. We know what surf trips are like you pack a quiver of shorts to only find yourself in your surf trunks the entire time, these are shorts for you. They are the most durable shorts and were made for with the avid surfer in mind.


The Essentials

The essentials are a few things that go a long way. These items are simply over looked until you don’t have one of them and realize how much it can affect a surf trip. First off, a fin key, this cute little key is a life savior and during the hustle and bustle of getting your boards packed and taking your fins out you may forget this little guy, so do yourself a favor and throw an extra fin key in your bag. Leash string, there is some sort of law of surfing that states that you will only break your leash string at a break when the waves are off its head-firing and you can’t possibly surf without a leash AND no one has an extra string. So at least, if you pack an extra leash string your chances of actually breaking one are slim to none. But now you have your crew covered in case one of your mates break their string. Sunscreen, because sunburns are a major surf trip bummer. Wax, for obvious reasons. Ding repair kit is a crucial item to keep in your surf trip pack, you are in a new place so the unexpected can happen, be ready for quick fixes. Throw these essentials in your bag and don’t despair being under prepared.

So there you have it, get to packing! And have a good trip, bon voyage, buen viaje, gute reise, viagem boa, buon viaggio; no matter how you say it, make sure to embrace the journey, seek the adventure, and always Earn Your Salt!