Swimwear that keeps you protected – Try a Rash Guard

Rashguards - UV Shirts for Watermen

Whether you are spending the majority of your time underwater or on the surface it is integral to keep your skin protected. Rash guards, uv shirts, or surf shirts have you covered. Rashguards protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays because of their special blend of fabrics. As waterman, we are always looking for ways to prolong our water time. Here are all the benefits of rash guards that keep us staying salty:

Sun Protection

Skin damage due to over exposure to the sun is a serious issue and can potentially result in permanent damage and in severe cases even death. According to skincancer.org, “1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer in the course of their lifetime”. That’s a much larger likelihood than having any type of interaction with a shark yet everyone seems to fear the man in the grey suit. UV shirts provide sun protection because of their specially blended fabric that contain a sun protection known as a UPF. Original Watermen’s rash guards offer a SPF/UPF of 50+. So next time, you’re out in the surf don’t burn, do big turns!

Rash Protection

Like the name states rashguards work as a protective layer for your skin to keep you from developing irritating rashes. There’s nothing worse than not being able to mad dog for a wave because your pits are plagued with rashes and forget fighting that 200-pound tuna with those rashes. Wear your rash guard before you put yourself in that state of despair.

No need for sunscreen reapplication

Surf, fish, and sail all day without the need to reapply sunscreen all over your body. Less time messing with sunscreen means more time in the water, the goal of every waterman. No longer do you need to spend the first couple minutes in the water trying to wash off the slippery sunscreen grease, rashguards are mess free.

Sun and rash protection as well as not having to reapply sunscreen make rash guards are top accessory pick for all watermen. It makes life easier and keeps you swimming, surfing, and on the top longer. Not only are you increasing your water time, you are also protecting your skin, the leatherback look really only works for the turtles. Take care of your skin while earning your salt!


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