Men’s T Shirts: What makes a tee shirt your favorite?

33bd854b-45b6-4e96-8577-fb0f1fa19423It’s hard as a waterman to feel comfortable in dry, land-dwelling clothing. Regardless, there are just times you have to wear those clothes. Everyone has their favorite t shirt but what exactly are the credentials that men’s tees must obtain in order to earn the high regards of becoming a favorite. Here at Original Watermen we have broken down the aspects that make favorites out of our men’s tees.

Comfort is usually the first thing to come to mind when you’re thinking about your favorite T shirt. The older a T shirt gets, the more worn-in and soft the fabric becomes, making an irresistible favorite. The Original Watermen men’s T shirts are constructed with super soft, 100% ring spun cotton. The super soft cotton actually makes it feel like your favorite old, seasoned T shirt even on the first time wearing it. The softness of this unique cotton makes you feel almost as comfortable as if you were in the ocean. Original Watermen’s men’s tees are lightweight and breathable making them a go-to for any type of excursion. They’re the perfect surf shirts to put on during a sweltering Baja day, and afterward, throw on an Original Watermen hoodie over it to transition to the bonfire scene.

Fit can be a huge factor in qualifying a men’s t shirt as a favorite. As watermen, you already feel like fish out of water, so adding an uncomfortable, ill-fitting tee to that combination is terrible. Original Watermen’s men’s T shirts are sized to fit just right. While wearing our tees you won’t feel like you’re drowning in an oversized shirt, and at the same time, your paddling-watermen shoulders will have plenty of room for movement and freedom. Our men’s tees are made by watermen for watermen, guaranteeing a satisfying fit.

Style is our ability to represent the life we live. The ocean is always a primary source of inspiration and that is why Original Watermen’s T shirts represent the like-minded watermen. It is more than an identity, it is our livelihood. The ocean is why we spend all night studying the swell charts, reading fishing reports, and watching the winds. We are moved by the ocean and it is only right that our attire represents our life. Original Watermen’s surf shirts are all uniquely designed and put through an arduous process of design consultation to make sure they represent our vision and keep you impassioned to Earn Your Salt!

When choosing our favorite surf shirts, whether short sleeve or long sleeve surf t-shirts, we always consider comfort, fit, and style. Soft fabric, perfect fit, and an ocean-minded style make Original Watermen’s Oars men’s tee my personal favorite. And with over 20 unique men’s tees to search through, you are bound to have a closet full of favorite Original Watermen T shirts. Already love wearing an Original Watermen tee? Tag us @originalwatermen in your next Instagram post and we will feature our favorite fan shots on our page!


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