Men’s Boardshorts & Women’s Swimsuits – Have the Right Threads?

Men’s Boardshorts & Women’s Swimsuits – Have the Right Threads?

Looking for board shorts and swim suits that are made with all the right stuff? No matter what, our swimwear has come a long way from the days of vintage swim trunks, but that could mean a lot of different things depending on what you need and like. Below, we’ve elaborated on the various materials used in our men’s boardshorts and performance women’s swimsuits, the benefits they offer and the issues they address.

Diamond Dobby -The Bondi Boardshorts Have It All

Original Watermen’s men’s Bondi boardshorts are the most revolutionary boardshorts on the market. The diamond dobby material alone stakes this claim.

Bondi men's board shorts

Royal Blue Bondi men’s board shorts

Diamond dobby is a rip stop material with a super flexible 4-way stretch. The ripstop prevents runs, tears and rips in case your board shorts get snagged. Most other materials when will almost surely run, fray and continue making an unstoppable hole in your board shorts. The superb 4-way flex allows the freedom of movement no matter how you are using your board shorts.

Not to mention, these men’s boardshorts don’t sacrifice any of the resistance, durability or fast-drying aspects equipped in all of our premier boardshorts. They’re made from the lightest, most durable, fastest drying, most comfortable and high-tech materials in today’s world.

Supplex Soft

Original board shorts

Black Original board shorts

For those not interested in stretchy boardshorts, there is no comparing our Original men’s boardshorts and their super soft 100% supplex-nylon to the old school rough, stiff, loud crinkling nylon boardshorts from days gone by. This supplex-nylon blend is an advanced textured fabric that gives you the feel of soft cotton.  Yet, unlike cotton, supplex-nylon will help hold the boardshorts’ shape and not stretch out; nor will they fade, shrink or crease. Supplex-nylon is like wearing cotton without the heavy weight and non-drying feel.


Water Weighs You Down

Men, are you over the boardshorts that stick to your legs after getting out of the water? Tired of boardshorts that can take hours to feel dry? Our Supplex-Nylon material is resistant to the penetration of water which prevents the boardshorts from dragging on your legs when wet. It’s different than cotton which traps the moisture and sticks to your skin. Since the Supplex-Nylon is water resistant and doesn’t soak up water, your board shorts feel dry in minutes. It’s water resistant yet breathable, and therefore helps prevents rashes caused by heavy, rough, and water-soaked materials.

Fading and High-Tech Polyester

Whether you are a lifeguard at the pool or the beach – male or female – you want swimsuits that are made from anti-fade fabric. Hours in the sun or chlorine are harsh on both swim suits and lifeguard apparel. The sun and chlorine cause the colors to bleach and the material to weaken. We raise the bar in the watersports & -activity training & lifeguard swimsuit markets with these more advanced blends of sanded polyester.

Royal blue X-Back women's swimsuit

Royal blue X-Back women’s swimsuit

On the ladies’ side, the X-Back Elite swimsuit for women uses blends of polyester, Spandex, sanded microfiber, supplex and Cool-Plus to create the perfect lifeguard women’s swimsuit. This polyester blend is strong and flexible, and wrinkle and tear resistant. The Women’s X-Back Elite is rated to withstand 300+ plus hours of chlorine and sun abuse. They guarantee it will hold its color. The X-Back Elite women’s swimsuit’s 4-way stretch polyester blend is also breathable and intensely comfortable.

The retro swim trunks for men also boast this soft and durable high-tech hydrophobic polyester/spandex blend on the inside with their Cool-Plus Comfort liners (not mesh!), engineered to keep you cool, comfortable, dry and rash free. The hydrophobic material wicks away the water, drying your shorts ultra-fast. This advanced material comes in the entire line of the Retro Collection!

Our recent blog on boardshort liners instead of boxers goes into more detail about Original Watermen’s Cool-Plus-Comfort liners.

Xtra Life Lycra – Strengthening Women’s Swimsuits and Men’s Boardshorts.

Xtra Life Lycra is a cutting edge, sustainable techno-fabric that uses the latest yarn and knitting technologies to create the most comfortable, ultra-soft and durable swimwear available today.

We use Xtra Life Lycra fiber in some of their women’s swimsuits and men’s boardshorts to improve their comfort and longevity. These suits with Xtra Life Lycra fiber are twice as strong and resistant to chlorinated water, heat and sunscreen lotions that typically breakdown fibers more quickly causing the material to lose its softness and other qualities. Swimwear that’s protected with Xtra Life Lycra fiber will have no significant fiber breakage even after hundreds of hours of exposure to the elements. And a special blend with nylon helps it not fade from extensive sun exposure.

performance women's bikini swimwear

performance bikini

Our women’s training and rescue bikinis are blended with the fiber technology of Spandex and Xtra Life Lycra which makes their fabrics ultra-soft. We also have Xtra Life Lycra rescue bikinis blended with polyester so they won’t stretch out too much to help support those ladies with a little more curves.  These women’s training lifeguard bikinis are free from bunching, sagging and stiffness, and prevent having to be pulled up all day. The material’s fibers also have a run-resistant technology that helps prevent perforations, holes, snags and scratches.

We also use the Xtra Life Lycra on all their men’s boardshorts flies to ensure that ultra-soft feel never goes away in the most delicate of areas.


At Original Watermen, we combine these fabrics to produce men’s and women’s swimwear that is durable, anti-microbial and great at preventing rashes. We use the highest-grade materials and promise our customers comfort, style, and quality. Whether you’re a lifeguard on the beach all day or a surfer catching their morning rides, our swimwear will take you as far as you want to go, and helps you feel and look great before and after you get wet. It’s an investment you won’t regret!