Boardshorts and Boxers

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At Original Watermen, we know commando is a popular choice among guys while doing water activities. We also understand the downsides that come with it after spending a day Earning Your Salt.  As a result, we’ve developed top-notch men’s boardshorts as well as boardshort liners that supply ample support and flexibility at the same time, protect from rashes and odors, and even defend against the risk of exposure.


The Fly

Have you worn board shorts where the Velcro fly bunches up or sticks and pulls on the most painful places?  Original Watermen’s special gusseted Lycra fly prevents rashes and puckers. The gusset reduces the stress from tight fitting clothing, while the Lycra provides the comfort, great fit and superior movement. This combination has created the #1 selling lifeguard board shorts on the market.

To Mesh or Not to Mesh

In the beginning, mesh was used as a lightweight, sand-free barrier to protect a guy’s private places from direct contact with the rough, harsh, stiff fabric of the actual board shorts. Lifeguards found the mesh itself even rubbed on body parts causing chaffing, rashes and raw spots, and became very uncomfortable as the day wore on. On the other hand, lifeguards liked the support and stability that the mesh provided.

We at Original Watermen saw (and felt!) the need and demand for a different type of board shorts mesh. Instead of the porthole type netting, they used state-of-the-art material to reinvent the mesh liner in an unparalleled way. That Cool-Plus-Comfort liner is a solid netting that improves the circulation of air flow and wicks away moisture, ensuring that the areas covered by the mesh don’t stay damp. Our Cool-Plus-Comfort mesh liner also provides a smoother, evened out line under your board shorts so when there’s a change in conditions, you’re the only one to know. Last but not least, our mesh liners, with moisture wicking and anti- bacterial fabric can be worn in comfort day after day. The U.S. Coast Guards enjoy the Original Watermen G Trunks because these men’s board shorts are packed with top-of-the-line features, including Ultra-lock seam construction, high strength thread, and, of course, the Cool-Plus-Comfort mesh liner.

So, if you’re one who likes mesh in your board shorts, you’ll never go back to the porthole mesh liners once you try Original Watermen’s super soft and comfy, fast-drying, stretchy Cool-Plus-Comfort mesh liners.

The Cure for Boxers

If mesh is not for you, but you’re over wearing that heavy, non-drying underwear underneath your board shorts, Original Watermen has the solution to that problem too. We have designed standalone boardshort liners (not connected to the boardshorts) that are essentially men’s compression shorts made for aquatic and even amphibious environments. These unrivaled compressions shorts for men provide extra support, protection, warmth as well as the privacy desired without being constantly damp and weighed down by wearing wet boxers. That’s right, with quick-drying features backed by a rash free guarantee, these compression shorts for men are ideal for transitioning to and from water and dry land.

These compression shorts can be worn underneath a pair of boardshorts but the fabric’s quality is good enough they can be worn alone, like if you’re a triathlete or open water swimmer. Plus, the prints are so stylish we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to don them solo. But their performance and functionality is truly what sets them apart… Because when the set comes rolling in or your muscles start cramping and pinching, the style points won’t get you through. These performance compressions shorts will literally cradle you through the chaos with their ultra-soft, breathable fabric. Last but not least, the day-after odors can be as uncomfortable as a rash. That’s why these men’s compressions shorts have a zero-odor factor, made with antimicrobial fabric.  Remember it’s all about comfort.  

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Insanely Comfortable

Original Watermen’s men’s board shorts and boardshort liners are made of the lightest, softest and most versatile materials engineered. Forget the old school heavy and abrasive material that rubs you raw by the end of the day. Original Watermen uses 100% sanded polyester microfiber and spandex combinations that create a soft nest for your junk, keeping you dry, cool and rash-free on even the hottest and most humid days.