5 Tips to Buying Lifeguard Swimsuits

Buying Lifeguard Swimsuit

What Lifeguard Swimsuits to Pick and Use

As an ocean lifeguard of ten plus years I have learned a thing or two about finding the perfect lifeguard trunks. Finding good lifeguard boardshorts and lifeguard swimsuits for women is not as easy as it sounds; and it’s quite a good nugget of knowledge to have, because you are going to be wearing those lifeguard trunks more than your favorite pair of undies.

Simply put, some lifeguard bathing suits work great for the job and some do not.

The following is a list of the most crucial items to look for when picking out your uniform for the summer season.




Having lifeguard swim trunks that are durable is crucial to the job. You need to find a suit that can withstand constant abuse from the sun, salt, and or chlorine. Lifeguard swimsuits need to be durable enough that you never even think twice on the possibly of failure. When duty calls you to perform at your highest level, you need a suit that will not fail you when you need it most. Look for quality stitching on all seams and a fabric that feels tough when you give it a firm stretch and pull. Higher price is not always better in this case. I have used top of the line lifeguard swimsuits from the “premier” surf companies that only last a few weeks in the summer season because they are made for the person that visits the beach or pool once a week or so… not for the professional rescuer.


Having a suit that is comfortable is crucial to enjoying the best job in the world. There is nothing worse in my experience than sitting around in an itchy and scratchy suit all day. Remember, you are going to be in them for at least eight hours a day, so make sure your lifeguard bathing suits fit you well and feel nice both wet and dry. I have found that the best lifeguard suits are those that feel like they are almost non-existent when you first put them on. Go with your gut feeling on this.

Quick Drying

Every professional lifeguard needs his or her suit to dry as quickly as possible after entering the water. There are many lifeguards I know that refuse to experiment with newer fabrics and stick to the same heavy sail cloth-style lifeguard bathing suits they could have bought from a World War II surplus store. Don’t be like those guys and gals. Do your research. There is nothing worse than sitting in slightly damp lifeguard swim trunks that feel like wet cardboard all day. I have found that the materials used by Original Watermen are not only comfortable and durable, but very quick drying.


This is very important and it’s key to making a long day in the tower an enjoyable one. Find a lifeguard bathing suit that fits perfect. It is as simple as that. Keep an eye out for stretch fabrics on the waistband and make sure they are double layered as these new age fabrics can sometimes grow a few sizes bigger after some regular use. Lighter lifeguard trunks are not always better in this case. Some fabrics expand and cling to your skin when wet, so again… do your research.


They don’t call it a pair of trunks for nothing! Ask any seasoned lifeguard and they will tell you they have more than one swimsuit in their go-bag at all times. Why? Because it is much better slipping into a pair of dry shorts on a busy day than sitting around waiting for them to dry on your body. Sometimes you cannot avoid being in the water all day, but it is rarely “going off” all day, so save a nice dry lifeguard swimsuit for when it starts to calm down. Your salty buns will thank you!

Original Watermen have mastered the art of making lifeguard swimsuits over the last few decades and are the best in the business. Browse their Lifeguard Lounge for the right lifeguard suits just for you and any other lifeguard gear you might need this summer.


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