3 Reasons Why You Should Be Wearing Original Watermen’s ‘Watermen Short’

Watermen Short

It’s hard to figure out what people are sporting under their board shorts, after all, most of the time it is nothing. Asking about someone’s underwear is not a typical conversation point. That’s why we are here to help. We know what to wear; we’ve been there, done it, tried it all. The Original Watermen Watermen Short has you covered with comfort and style. This boardshort liner is kind of a cross between a compression short and swim jammers; specially-designed for surfers, watermen and everything in between. Here’s why you should be wearing this boardshort liner, the Watermen Short:


There is nothing worse than the Sumo Wrestler walk of shame. As Watermen, we stay salty, which is a good thing… most of the time. Those other times can wreak havoc on our barnacles. The Original Watermen boardshort liner comes to the rescue. Long distance swimmers, runners, triathletes and lifeguards asked us for functional water shorts that minimize rashes and drag resistance caused by typical men’s boardshorts. The lifeguards reveled at the rash free properties when running in wet boardshorts, and the chafe resistance when out on long patrols on the paddle board or even just surfing on their time off. “You guys really have something big on your hands! Finally, compression shorts that can be worn all day at work under your board shorts and won’t give you those pesky rashes you get from wet boardies.” – Court Carroll, San Diego Lifeguard. The Watermen Short provides a comfortable protective layer right where you need it most.


Not only do the Watermen Shorts work great as liners under your board shorts, they are also perfect for practicing yoga, stretching, any training, diving, and many other activities. They are our go-to for all of our Watermen & outdoor activities, and we know they will soon be yours, too. The dynamic possibilities of the Original Watermen boardshort liners are endless, especially when you consider the wide-variety of colors and patterns we offer. The Watermen Shorts are double-lined, which gives you the coverage you need in your most critical zones. This extra lining gives the shorts the ability to be worn under board shorts or just by themselves. Optimize your Watermen gear and add these board short liners to your regiment.


These board short liners are made by Watermen for Watermen. As keepers of the ocean, we understand the impact we make and we do our best to mitigate those effects. The Watermen Short is eco-friendly and made from recycled fishing nets. You’ll have a clear conscience and clear of rashes, while rocking these bad boys. Original Watermen continues to set the bar high with quality craftsmanship when making their products. The Watermen Shorts are no exception, as they’re made with ultra-soft, breathable Lycra®. Combine this comfort and sustainability with the draw-cord waist and you won’t have any reason to ever take these boardshort liners off.

We guarantee you’ll be looking for more reasons to stay salty after wearing Original Watermen’s boardshot liners. We at Original Watermen are proud to introduce the Watermen Short for water and outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. The applications and functionality of our boardshort liners have shown to be endless. Our team of Watermen returned with praises of the product far exceeding our expectations, and we know you will as well. 


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