Watermen Shorts – Trials in the Wild – Not Your Typical Board Short Liners

Striped Board Short Liners - Watermen Short

Striped Board Short Liners – Watermen Short

During this past massive El Niño winter we sent out some of our Watermen Short board short liners to our team. The likes of whom are avid; freedivers, spearfishermen, high-altitude trail runners, mountaineers, kayakers, paddle boarders, triathletes, and a core group of elite watermen and lifeguards from around the globe. Our elite team of athletes were asked to provide the most critical feedback on the performance of the boardshort liners. We not only tested these bad boys in the harsh environments at sea level, but we put them to the test hundreds of feet below the ocean’s surface. These boardshort liners were put to use in all conditions and applications we could dream imaginable and the results were astounding.

The big wave surfers and open-ocean paddlers in Hawaii and Northern California reveled on the freedom from rashes caused by normal board shorts, but also enlightened us with an entirely new feature, warmth. Watermen Short board short liners provided our guys and girls with an extra layer of warmth in those not so toasty of Hawaiian days and nights, and gave the bearded guys in Northern California ease getting into a wet 5 mil wetsuit when the day called for a triple session. The scientific S.C.U.B.A divers we worked with on the Mendocino Coast and Southern California’s Catalina Island also rejoiced in the ease of changing in and out of wetsuits when wearing the boardshort liners, but also in the extra amount of warmth provided in that critical zone.

Long distance swimmers, runners, triathletes, and lifeguards asked us for a functional water short that minimizes rashes and drag resistance. So we delivered these high-performance board short liners! The Watermen Shorts proved to allow dynamic and efficient transitions when tested by triathletes in the different legs of the race.

The lifeguards reveled at the rash free properties when running in wet boardshorts, and the chafe resistance when out on long patrols on the paddleboard or just surfing on the soft-top. The lifeguards and surfers applauded these liners for their boardshorts.

“You guys really have something big on your hands! Finally, compression shorts that can be worn all day at work under your boardshorts and won’t give you those pesky rashes you get from wet boardies.” – Court Carroll, San Diego Lifeguard

The team’s feedback on the first edition Watermen Shorts board short liners provided us with the fine-tuning changes we needed to introduce the second edition ready for the public.

We at Original Watermen are proud to introduce the Watermen Short for water enthusiasts everywhere. The applications and functionality with the Watermen Short boardshort liners have shown to be endless. Our team returned with praises for the product far exceeding our expectations and we know you will as well.

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