What Do You Wear Under Boardshorts?


A watermen is born with a unique relationship with the ocean. The salt pumps through our veins, the currents set the rhythm for our heart. We speak a special language of tides, winds, and swell reports. One thing we don’t talk about is what we are rocking underneath our boardshorts. It’s just not a typical conversation topic for watermen to have with one another. Here at Original Watermen, we literally have gone “undercover” to find out what watermen are wearing underneath their board shorts. Your 3 basic options are: nothing, underwear, or watermen shorts.

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The most basic approach is wearing nothing. It’s the simplistic way to gear up for a day in the ocean. This is definitely a popular option that we support as long as you are wearing comfortable, quality stretch board shorts. But know your intention of seizing the day, if you are preparing to put in a long day in and out of the water going bare is not your best option. Rashes are one of watermen’s worst enemy. Rashes are caused by wet fabric constantly rubbing in sensitive areas. Protecting your barnacles is an important consideration to keep in mind when deciding how you want to gear up for a day on the water. Going bare underneath your boardshorts is best for those short strike mission sessions. If you are planning to spend a day seeking the unknown, get yourself covered.

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If you call yourself a watermen and you’re wearing underwear under your board shorts, stop now. This is the worst option you could go with. Wearing underwear is like surfing with kelp around your leash or swimming with your feet tied together. All it is doing is festering rashes and slowing you down. We promise you that there are no benefits in performance or style to going with this approach.

Original Watermen’s watermen short is your best option to fulfill performance and comfort needs of even the most extreme watermen. Watermen shorts are a men’s compression short specifically made as a liner. Boardshort liners keep your engine barnacle free. The specialized ultra-soft, breathable Lycra® made from recycled fishing nets gives you comfortable and functional coverage. No matter what motivates you to be in the ocean the watermen short has you are covered. These liners also serve as a form of compression optimizing your muscle performance and extending your routine all day long. This means more waves, fish and good times to be caught.


Original Watermen’s tried and tested performance driven gear keeps up with the turn of the tides and the rise of the seas. It’s sails you through even the choppiest of waters. It’s important to dress appropriately, if you’re as free as an eagle under your boardshorts then make sure they are made from superior material, other than that, do yourself a favor and wear liners specifically designed for watermen that go out and earn their salt. SHOP NOW!


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