What Do I Wear? Women’s Lifeguard Apparel

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Women officially began lifeguarding in the 1970s. Lifeguarding is a tough demanding job. Originally male lifeguards were opposed to women in lifeguard positions because they did not think women could physically handle the job but the courageous act of Sharon Law helped change their tune. Law single handedly saved 20 people in one day. On one of her rescue trips that day, through the worse rip currents ever seen in that area, Ms. Law swam to shore towing five people on her rescue tube. This tremendous feat helped encourage the hiring of female lifeguards.

The Original Watermen Lifeguard Store

Lifeguard agencies had to make several quick decisions on the swimsuits needed for the new influx of women into the field. When women first appeared on the lifeguard scene, stylish and extremely functional women’s lifeguard uniforms didn’t exist. Lifeguard agencies struggled to find women’s lifeguard swimsuits that were designed to keep up with the rigor of the demanding job, and had the ability to hold up in the water, sun, wind and chlorine day after day. They needed a one stop lifeguard store, specializing in women’s lifeguard uniforms and other lifeguard equipment. So, Original Watermen, a Lifeguard Company was created, bringing unity, comfort and design to a much-needed lifeguard world.

Women’s Lifeguard Apparel: What to Wear?

With Original Watermen stepping up and solving the huge problem of where to get the women’s lifeguard uniforms, the next big question was; What to wear? The evolution of female lifeguard uniforms has come a long way since the early 1970’s. In the beginning lifeguard agencies required the females to wear one piece lifeguard swimsuits, but now most female guards are allowed a choice between a one-piece lifeguard swimsuits like the X-Back Elite, or two-piece lifeguard swimsuits like the rescue bikini. All the while sticking to the traditional lifeguard red color.

Straps and Bras

The key element with either women’s lifeguard swimsuit is their functionality while swimming. The lifeguard swimsuit straps must be secure from slippage and the bra section must stay put. Strap slippage while swimming to a rescue hinders the ability of the guard’s arms to move freely. The slippage creates annoying situations and possibly even dangerous conditions, causing the guard arms to become immovable at a critical time. Major distractions for all involved are created if the bra section of the women’s lifeguard swimsuit slips down, or slips open revealing the bosom of the guard. A good women’s lifeguard swimsuit protects your privacy when your cold, and is not transparent when wet. Women’s lifeguard apparel is made with 4-way super stretch material, Extra Life Lycra or sanded polyester, and provides you with a nice soft cup. Larger breasted women need a lifeguard swimsuit with a built-in bra like the snug-n-sturdy Racer Tank. Note: Polyester blends give you a suit that is quick drying, breathable provide UV protection and chlorine block.

Women’s One Piece Lifeguard Swimsuit

Positive features of the women’s one piece lifeguard swimsuit over the two-piece lifeguard swimsuit is that while in the water no matter the surf condition the bottom stays on. One piece women’s lifeguard swimsuits like the Performance Hybrid swimsuit is smooth and tight making you more aerodynamic and hydrodynamic. Suits made entirely with one piece of fabric will eliminate chafing and drag, more than a lifeguard swimsuit with multiple seams. One piece women’s lifeguard swimsuits offer a bit of compression aiding with muscle recovery.

The disadvantages and complaints of most women’s one piece lifeguard swimsuits vary. They have the tendency to ride up if the length of the bodice is to short, which makes things quite uncomfortable. Others are concerned that they don’t get the great tan that often comes when wearing a two-piece women’s lifeguard swimsuit. Though, going to the bathroom is the most common complaint with one-piece suits. Many solve this problem by just pulling the bottom to the side but for longer days, a two-piece women’s lifeguard swimsuit can save you time and energy when a bathroom break is needed. Finally, women’s one-piece lifeguard swimsuits hold in more body heat, which can be a big issue if it’s a hot day and a benefit if it’s a cold day.

Two Piece Women’s Lifeguard Swimsuits

The two-piece women’s lifeguard swimsuit feels less restrictive and more versatile. The perfect bottom has built in elastic and a drawcord waist for those rough water days. You can wear a pair of Super Girl Guard Shorts with a swimsuit top for extra bottom security. The biggest problem with women’s two-piece lifeguard swimsuits is a lot of them tie behind the neck. This can cause neck problems, headaches, aching shoulders and tremendous tension along the upper back area. Swimsuits like the Rescue Bikini, that we spoke of above, cross on the back keeping the tension off the neck and stops strap slippage.

In the end, it’s a personal preference. No matter what is decided, female lifeguards need dependable, high quality uniforms that hold up under extreme conditions. They need women’s lifeguard uniforms that are made with material that decrease drying time, breathe and stretch in all the right places, and that are comfortable enough to wear day after day. Great women’s lifeguard swimsuits come with chlorine block and UV protection for those long days in the sun.

The lifeguard store at Original Watermen equips lifeguards with the most flattering, efficient, comfortable, high quality women’s lifeguard apparel on the market and is preferred by most municipalities and parks across the globe, 75,456 to be exact!

earn your salt, stay salty, womens suits, lifeguard uniforms, Original watermen gear