What To Wear While Surfing Warm Water?

As watermen, we are on a constant search for an endless summer. Whether your journey takes you to Southern California, the East Coast, Baja, Caribbean, Indonesia or Central America you are bound to encounter some toasty ocean water. The sun is brighter and more intense than ever before, making it important to stay protected and equipped in order to get the most out of every session. Wintertime water, although not as enjoyable, is easy to prepare for; throw on your wetsuit, grit your teeth and get out there. Warm water may be much more inviting, but it can be difficult to gauge just what to wear. On one hand, it’s warm water, so your initial response is to just put on a comfortable pair of boardshorts and jump right in the refreshing ocean. But here’s where the rogue wave of unpreparedness can wash you in – in order to last in warm water you need to be wearing the right gear and apparel. Here at Original Watermen we devote a large amount of time seeking out sun and warm waves and have perfected our go-to warm water attire from head to toe.


Original Watermen’s Mermaid Crest Trucker Hat is the ideal accessory for warm water. Whether you are surfing, fishing, or enjoying the sandy shores, this trucker hat keeps the sun off your face; and combined with its lightweight material, it keeps you protected with out burdening your noggin with any extra heat. Squeeze in that extra hour of high noon surfing with a lightweight trucker hat.


Long Sleeve R1000x877-rashguard-ls-navy-r1_3ashguard will provide you with SPF 50+ protection, in addition to preventing the annoying rashes. Keeping your skin protected from the sun is an integral part to warm water adventures.


You can find out more about the benefits of rash guards on our recent blog, Rash Guards: Beat the Summer Sun.

kelp_camo_pic_1_1_1Watermen Shorts, aka our boardshort liners, are the ultimate below deck protection. The waves are warm, the sun is shining and the fish are biting; don’t let rashes drop an anchor on your day. Watermen shorts can be worn alone or with your Watermen Super Stretch board shorts.


backside_ed2_web__1_1__2Watermen Super Stretch boardshorts are your lifeline to wading the warm waters. The super stretch is especially key as warm water gear with its top-of-the-line, ultra-lightweight 4-way stretch fabric. Based on the fact that most watermen essentially live in their board shorts, the Super Stretch from Original Watermen has been put through the ultimate strength and durability test.


The water is warm, dive on in! Just make sure you are properly geared-up to enjoy everything that comes along with the sun and heat. Original Watermen wants you to stay cool when it’s hot, so we work hard to provide you with the ultimate line of lightweight, durable gear and apparel to outfit you on your chase of an endless summer – whether that be the sea, the beach, a reef, a lake, a lagoon or some sunny path in between.


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