Watermen walk the line between bravery and fear

At Original Watermen, our selection of tees, boardshorts, swimsuits, accessories and apparel is tested and proven to be just as resilient as the watermen who wear them. We recognize that it takes much more than the average person testing the waters to earn the name waterman. A lifetime spent in and around the water isn’t enough. Watermen are more than comfortable in the ocean; they focus on the lifestyle of the trade, breathing and living all things water.

Watermen inspire – they face their fears, they challenge themselves constantly, never resting on their laurels. It’s not about showing up at the beach with you board and “maybe” going for it. Finding excitement in a new challenge, watermen walk the line between bravery and fear, gaining experiences whether good or bad, to learn from and continue on. Watermen can be healed by nowhere else but the ocean.  Think about how many of the world’s most popular – and excitingly risky – surf breaks never would have been discovered if the brave individuals who discovered them would have thought they were too dangerous? If Waikiki surfers never would have stood on their long boards, using outrigger paddles to paddle their way to new, distant reef breaks? A new sport all together wouldn’t have been born. Watermen see a new challenge in the water and go for it –inventing new sports along the way. Imagine how many action sports in general the world would be missing out on, if some brave, thrill seeking watermen didn’t continue striving to evolve their equipment? Think of the underwater depths that would be left undiscovered if daring divers didn’t thrive to go deeper?

For reasons such as these, true watermen are a rare breed to come by. But if and when you do see one, you will know, recognizing the pride that comes with a lifetime spent earning their salt.

To shop for all things watermen, visit our Web site at www.originalwatermen.com. Our watermen-inspired tees, boardshorts, trunks, jackets, suits and other apparel pay tribute to those who are more than the average swimmer or diver or surfer. People often ask us – what IS Original Watermen? What is Earn Your Salt?  Original Watermen strives to represent those who have that passion to push themselves to the limit each and every time they touch the water.

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