Watermen defined: True Watermen are a rare breed

Some think true Watermen appear in glossy magazine ads, on gigantic billboards and edgy television spots.  While this may be true for a select few, most original watermen do not clamor for the spotlight.  They seek what they know, the Ocean.   Elite Watermen are not interested in proving themselves to the world; they are humble and let their actions speak for themselves.

A Waterman is not a rank; it is a lifestyle.  Surfing started, with true Watermen, fishing, diving, living on coconuts and the ocean’s bounty.  Watermen are connected to the ocean like mangrove forests.  While many try to become what they consider one with the ocean, only those with salt water in their veins achieve aquatic greatness.

When a true Waterman spends too much time on land, they need the purification of water.  The smell of the sea brings olfactory memories of sleepless nights sailing through heavy seas, big fish caught with small spears and possibly the very meaning to their existence.

They don’t need a fresh water shower. Watermen are comfortable with salt on their skin, hair and eyes.

The sea calls to everyone, but watermen speak the language of the sea.  Surfing does not make Watermen.  Watermen are of the sea.  They feel strange on land, wish mermaids were real, and don’t tell fish stories, but live them. .

True Watermen are a rare breed – oceanic gurus.


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