So You Want To Be A Lifeguard? Things to Consider Before You Apply

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People of all ages and from all walks of life are lifeguards. Lifeguards are needed at pools, lakes, rivers, summer camps and at the beach. Reasons for becoming a lifeguard vary from person to person. Some want to be a guard because it’s great pay in great locations or they consider Lifeguarding a career builder, or others like the prestige. Many believe lifeguarding looks great on college applications. Whatever your reason, there are things you need to know.  There’s a lot more to being a lifeguard than soaking up the sun. Lifeguarding requires you be fit, to know how to swim and do it well, you must be able to take command in emergencies situations and provide life-saving first aid and resuscitation. Life saving is not for the meek and mild. That said, read on before committing to taking your lifeguard test.


Physical strength and endurance are required to rescue a struggling victim in the water. Beach Lifeguards compete for their job by completing one or two competitive Open Water swim-run tests. To start training you need the right gear, apparel and lifeguarding equipment, which should always come from a lifeguard store. You must master your swim strokes and train in cold choppy water.  Note: Learning to body surf will give you a favorable advantage, helping you beating your opponents to the beach. To get ready for the runs practice sprinting and running long distances. As well, arm and leg strength is important, so lift weights to tone up.


The correct apparel can help you complete your trainings and certifications in style and comfort. The Original Waterman lifeguard store was started by lifeguards for lifeguards. Having run the gauntlet themselves they know what you need to be the best.

Compression Shorts

In our lifeguard store we offer compression shorts for lifeguard men and women, and have sizes for those in the junior lifeguard program too.  Compression shorts can be worn as jammers for your workouts or underneath as support layers. Compression shorts keep you warmer, give you support and prevent rashes. Compression shorts are streamlined for ultimate water efficiency, shaving time off rescues and your race events. The compression shorts in our lifeguard store also have a double lined front that makes them non-revealing. Because of constant use and the closeness to the body, purchase compression shorts which are made from antimicrobial fabric, it helps eliminate body odor.

Board Shorts

While training for your competitive runs don’t wear those heavy workout shorts instead try wearing lightweight board shorts. In our lifeguard store we sell board shorts with special ultra-durable four-way Flex material. This special material prevents drag on the legs when wet. They also have a soft Lycra fly that prevents rashes. Their brushed waistband won’t stretch out and provides a comfortable streamline fit. Our lifeguard board shorts have an oversized pocket sealed with a Velcro locking Loop closure. The pocket holds most phones so you can listen to music during training sessions.

Rash guards and Surf Shirts

Rash guards are tight fitting, similar to a second skin, providing extra warmth in and out of the water. In our lifeguard store we off lifeguard rash guards that fit snug around the body, using a new compression technology which keeps the muscles fresh and engaged. The tight-fitting Rash guard also provides extra support for female lifeguards while running or swimming to a rescue.

Rash guards fit easily under a wetsuit without bunching up and prevent chafing. To stay rash free and comfortable under the arms look for rash guards with Flatlock seams.

Rash guards provide SPF protection. Ours carry a UPF rating of 50+.

One of the best features is the Aqua Plus fabric. It helps with water repellency causing the water to bead up and roll off the surface giving you the ultimate in quick-dry comfort.

In our lifeguard store, we also have the looser fitting surf shirt is perfect for figures needing a bit more room.

Women Lifeguard Swimming Suits

The first choice you must make is whether you prefer a one piece or two-piece lifeguard swimsuit. With either option the straps must stay snug through the surf and not slip onto your shoulders hindering the full use of your arms. The worst-case scenario would be to have your suit ripped off in big surf. Lifeguard swimsuits should be made of state-of-the-art material. The fabric should be moisture wicking, chlorine proof, durable and able to stand up under extreme conditions. Original Watermen’s women’s lifeguard swimsuits were voted number one for “best fit” back design for staying on through the surf.

As always, the Original Watermen lifeguard store provides quality lifeguard wear for yourself, above and below the water.

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