What a True Watermen Wears

watermen, true watermen, stay salty, earnyour salt, boardshorts, watermen gearWatermen…true Watermen… the term is sought after, respected, yet the TRUE definition has remained a mystery. The earliest use of the term started in the 12th century and was used to describe the water ferry drivers who fared passengers across dangerous waters in some of the most volatile weather conditions imagined. It has since become a word of controversy. Seeking to put an end to the squabbles using the historic past verbiage and the present-day usage, the most suitable definition would be that a true Watermen is a lifestyle of someone who is noted for their knowledge of the water, having a sound understanding of the dangerous currents, winds and extreme tides on the water. They are described as “a sturdy, rough breed” with their own jargon, where miles are paddled and bodies are hardened by water. Present day Watermen not only know the physical facets of water, wind, tides and how to use them to their advantage, but how to use their bodies and equipment in, on, and below water pushing themselves and their equipment to the limits.

True Watermen and Waterwomen are the elite class of beachgoers. They live all over the world, travel to remote and desolate places. They do unthinkable, unpredictable and unimaginable feats with water. Some compete, some just enjoy but they all think, live, and dream to be in, on, beneath, or above water.

Watermen need equipment that is high quality, dependable and able to withstand the knocks, bumps and bruises of radical use.

At the height of the Cold War, a German scientist named Max Kramer was curious how dolphins could move at such fantastic speeds. Kramer covered a torpedo with simulated dolphin skin made of a rubber membrane, and under laid it with a viscous fluid. He demonstrated that a dolphin skinned torpedo could modify the flow of water, enabling it to reach new top speeds.

How Watermen Shorts (compression shorts) were born?

We as a company, saw the need to develop the first of its kind amphibious high-performance new skin for true Watermen. So, we designed low drag compression shorts for the water that mimics the streamlined, hydrodynamic bodies of fish and mammals. These low-drag new skin shorts shave time off your races, while providing support and extra warmth to your southern region.

Watermen Shorts – Uses

Watermen Shorts answer the demands of nearly every facet of an all water-based, active lifestyle, great for competitions and athletes from all walks of life. Compression shorts made for water are fantastic for triathlons, ironmen, swim competitions, skiing, white water races, windsurfers, divers, kitesurfers, SUPs, or free divers, but they are widely worn under boardshorts and wetsuits are rash free support.

Watermen Shorts – Benefits

  • Compression shorts keep muscles warm to prevent muscle strain
  • Compression shorts help after your event to relieve pain from muscle stiffness and soreness
  • Compression shorts decrease the heart rate and the lactic build up in athletes.
  • Compression shorts reduce the time taken for muscles to repair themselves and help stabilize joints

Watermen Shorts – Built for Water

Not only do the compression shorts provide ultimate water efficiency, they are built to last. Compression shorts are made from a blend of super silky Nylon, Lycra and Spandex to keep them soft and lightweight, where as cotton would weigh you down. They are super fast drying and wick away sweat from the body preventing chafing and rashes. Compression shorts can be worn in the summer and winter. The material has a UPF 50+ which protects you and the material from the sun damage. No need for an uncomfortable pocket cup because their front is doubled lined and non-revealing. With material that so close to your body, we make sure compression shorts are made with antimicrobial and odor eliminating fabric. Watermen’s shorts are made to stand alone with their high fashion flashy patterns and can be worn as a jammer for workouts or as a support layer.

True watermen continue to tackle the challenge, the battle of the big, the better, the stronger, the faster and the more powerful. Driving these men and women is the adrenaline rush, the win and the finish. Stay Salty.

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