Towel Changes: A Thing of the Past

The Watermen's SoulBeing in and out of the water is a basic necessity of the watermen lifestyle. Although, we are most comfortable when we are in the water it is always nice to get out of your wet gear at the end of your long, salty session. Unless, you just surfed Black’s Beach and stripped down to your birthday suit, the towel change is something you have wrestled with when trying to get changed into your dry clothes. The Original Watermen boarshort liner  is our solution to making the towel change a thing of the past.

The Watermen compression shorts for men provides you with so many benefits that it is easy to overlook the fact that it makes life so much easier when you get out of the water and need to change. The Watermen Shorts are boardshort liner that can be worn under your wetsuit, boardshort, or even on their own. They are rapid drying which allows you to stay comfortable and dry for extended sessions.

Imagine pulling up to a perfect a-framing, head high glassy wave. Everyone jumps out of the car on red alert, scrambling to throw on their wetsuits and grab the first wave before the masses find out the waves are firing. The froth levels are high and the boys are fighting over the one towel you all brought to share. You smirk to yourself because you have your watermen shorts on already and know you’ll be the first to claim a wave. You seamlessly slip into your wetsuit, grab your board, and paddle out the back. After your first perfect wave, you look into the shore and see that your buddies are finally getting their act together after their towel wrangle and are finally joining you in the surf.

Be on the fish, waves, and workouts first in the fast drying, warm, and comfortable Watermen compression shorts. Don’t let the towel change bog your session. First in, last out and most importantly Earn Your Salt!


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