5 Best Winter Wetsuits

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Top 5 Wetsuits for the Winter


Finding the right wetsuit is nothing short of a marathon. Wetsuits come in all different types of fits, thicknesses and feature all different types of technology. Some suits offer extra warmth, some are more flexible and others are fast-drying. It’s best to go into the shopping process with an idea of what exactly you are looking for in a suit. Our biggest tip to get you through this strenuous process is to make sure you are rocking your board short liner. It will make trying on wetsuits 100% easier.


With the amount of hours logged between all of us watermen, we have come to decision on our top 5 wetsuits this winter and here they are:


1) Patagonia Yulex

This is a wetsuit we can really get behind. The Yulex wetsuit is designed with a renewable rubber instead of the conventional neoprene used in most massed produced wetsuits. Using a renewable rubber source cuts down on Carbon Dioxide emissions. Patagonia is paving the way in eco-responsible business approaches. Show your love for earth and oceans by supporting a company that is putting their efforts into preserving our environment. Reduce your carbon footprint in Patagonia’s Yulex wetsuit. Patagonia offers this suit in a full range of thicknesses to have you covered in all water temperatures.


2) Body Glove

Body Glove’s premier suit, Red Cell, uses technology to take warmth to the next level. It harnesses infrared technology to make this suit one the warmest on the market. Not only is warm, it also is built with less seams to give you optimal movement and flexible. Body Glove is a trusted wetsuit company that has passed the test of time.



Xcel wetsuits has always been synonymous with flexibility and lite weight neoprene. Xcel is a company that specializes in wetsuit manufacturing, so that as a consumer, you can be assured that all over their energy and concentration is in delivering a quality product. Their dry lock technology keeps the water out and the warmth in. And less times your suit endures the flush out the warmer your waterman will be.


4) Rip Curl

With Rip Curl’s quick dry features, you will never be lazy in bed while the surf is firing because you can’t get over the thought of putting on a cold, wet wetsuit. Rip Curl’s Flash Bomb is the world’s fastest drying wetsuit. So forget single sessions days, you’re back out there in the Flash Bomb.


5) O’neill

Founder Jack O’neill is accredited with inventing the wetsuit. Now, if that isn’t enough legendary information then we don’t know what is. O’Neill’s Pyscho Tech suit offers flexibility and lightweight rubber so that you almost feel like you are surfing in nothing at all. Their suits are uniquely designed to retain heat in all the right places.


Now that you have a list of our 5 favorite suits, you can decide which was tickles your fancy and get to the sweat fest of trying them on at your local surf shop.


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