Top 3 Swimwear Picks for Men this Fall

It’s fall and we couldn’t be more excited. The tourists are the gone, the waves are good, and the weather is perfect. It’s pretty easy to pick out your gear for hot summer days but what type of swimwear should you being wearing now that the days are a little bit cooler? Here’s what we think:

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 Boardshort Liner

If you don’t have at least one pair of board short liners then you are not prepared to earn your salt. Boardshort liners are the perfect addition to any Fall day. Watermen Shorts work great under your wetsuit. The dynamic possibilities of the Watermen Shorts are endless. Board short liners make wrestling with your towel to change out from a surf a thing of the past. They are also perfect for practicing yoga, stretching, training, diving, and other types of activities. They are our go to for all of our Watermen activities and we know they will soon be yours. The Watermen Shorts are double-lined, which give you the coverage you need in your critical zones. This extra lining adds to the shorts ability to be worn under board shorts or by themselves. Optimize your Watermen gear and add these to your regiment.


 Retro Short

The retro short is the perfect fall time short. They are an easy go to in any wardrobe because of their wearability and style. If you are the type of watermen that is in and out of the ocean all day, then these are the retro trunks for you. Throw these shorts on as soon as you peel out of your wetsuit and comfort level will elevate to a quick 100%. Your comfort needs are met with the silky, soft fabric of these retro shorts.


Stretchy board shorts work to maximize fluid body movement. These board shorts are perfect for the fall time because they can be perfectly paired with our board short liners. With the added layer your outboard motor is sure to be kept warm all day long.

Fall time is most watermen’s favorite time of the year from crisp, sunny days to glassy waves. The water is a little chillier but it’s a fair trade from empty lineups and pumpkin spice lattes, just kidding we’ll stick with coffee.  So grab your board short liners and your favorite pair of trunks and make this Fall your best season of the year.


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