The watermen crew takes on Chicama…



Let’s state the obvious here, this is one wave you’ll dream about forever and our crew is stoking to surf it. Chicama is best known for having the longest wave in the world, then you can mosey over to Pico Alto for one of the biggest waves in the world, not a bad place huh? Don’t even get us started on the food there, ceviche for days… Maybe not the “American Dream” but sure as heck the “Watermen Dream”.

We’ll land in Lima take a jumper flight to Trujillo, and by that time the froth sets in. Once we are in Trujillo we hitch a ride to Chicama, the trip usually takes around 45 minutes, give or take how hungry we are. Start the days off with some eggs and bacon, hop on the zodiac and surf until your thighs are too sore to move.

Why do we do this to our bodies? Why do we travel to the ends of the earth all for a wave? Honestly, I couldn’t tell you, but here at Watermen we are hooked on that feeling. That feeling of adventure and being in the ocean, and what better way to travel than with your favorite crew? Maybe we could do without Ryan, since he is notorious for snaking waves.

Next month’s newsletter will have some pictures from our trip. I imagine a few stories of mishap and casualties, more than anything tales of one of the best waves around the world. But for now, we will leave you at the edge of your seat wanting more…

– The Watermen Crew