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Top Outdoor Workout

Top Outdoor Workout Clothes This Winter: The chilly mornings are upon us. It’s taking extra motivation to jump in the frigid water every morning. You sip your coffee just a little slower so you can really enjoy every bit of the warmth while you have it. If the low temps have you down check out […]
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The Perfect Boardshorts Workout for fall

Do not have an offseason, as watermen, it is integral to stay fit all year around. Fall time is the best season to take your training to the next level. The air is cooler, the tourists are gone and there is no better time than now to Earn Your Salt. Here is your guide on […]
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Tips for Buying Boardshorts Online

We understand that shopping for boardshorts is a struggle, there are so many factors to consider when deciding. Is it going to fit? Is the cut right? Is this a good style for my body type? Will these boardshorts last me all summer? It’s hard to pick out the perfect suit even in person. Original […]
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What To Wear When Surfing Warm Water

As watermen, we are on a constant search for an endless summer. Whether your journey takes you to Southern California, the East Coast, Baja, Caribbean, Indonesia or Central America you are bound to encounter some toasty ocean water. The sun is brighter and more intense than ever before, making it important to stay protected and […]
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Summer Essentials for a Waterman

Watermen Essential Gear and Apparel
Whether it’s a weekend road trip, a cruise on the boat, or an exploration into the unknown, this quiver of summer essentials has you covered. As watermen, we are always searching for the next adventure and this summer we are destined to stumble into quite a few adventures. We put together a list of summer […]
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Watermen Fear and Salt

There comes a time in a watermen’s life when they find themselves in a situation where fear takes over, and the waterman is dealt a rough hand in a game of poker against the ocean itself. The brain begins to grasp the options at hand and place them in queue, respective to greatest chances of […]
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