Surfing: How Weightlifting Can Help You Master Waves

watermen boardhsorts, orignial watermen, , workout gear, stay salty, 4-way stretchThe common surfer in the weight room at the gym did not used to be commonplace. A surfer has been more of a counterculture icon in many places throughout the country. There are more and more surfers hitting the weights as it can actually help them master control on the waves that before they could not achieve. Lifting weights has also become easier than ever as there are plenty of resources to help a beginner learn. With YouTube a beginner has the ability to see proper form and with a smartphone video one can see where they need to make modifications. Also, it’s worth mentioning some men’s boardshorts and women’s swim shorts (like what we carry) are made with more durable, comfortable and quick-drying materials so they can be worn from the gym to the beach — no change of clothes needed.

Does surfing build muscle?

Yes of course, surfing builds muscle like any other physical activity and likewise you build strength in the areas and muscle groups being used. Just like amateur and professional athletes alike all cross-train in various ways, weightlifting is a great way to build strength in the specific muscles in new ways as well as in complimentary muscle groups to make you an overall stronger athlete.

The following are ways that weightlifting can help you master the waves like you dream.

Strength and Endurance

Just the endurance it takes to paddle out and into a great wave can leave many surfers drained. Weightlifting is the perfect way to make the paddle out a breeze. Fitness programs like Crossfit can be incredible for surfers as it hits every area of the body instead of isolating one muscle group at a time. Anyone that can do regular intense Crossfit or other group fitness workouts will have no problem with fatigue on bigger swells.

Olympic Lifting Mimics Standing on a Board

Olympic lifting like cleans, jerks, and snatches are incredible for surfing. These incorporate trying to get your body and feet under the weight then standing completely up. If this sounds incredibly similar to surfing that is because many of the same fundamentals are almost identical. Exercises like the split jerk which makes one foot go forward and one back then standing up with the weight above the head can help one stand up with more ease while taking off on a steep face. One quick fluid motion is needed for both activities. Try out a few Olympic lifts to help with your explosiveness and the speed of your feet.

Core Strength Needs Constant Work

Working on the core is something that most people realize they have to do but neglect it daily. The core can be exercised at the gym using a physio ball as well as some weights. Dumbbell flies and presses on this ball will help strengthen your core as well as all the connective tissue you might not have realized existed. Try these exercises in short intervals and at low rates to start, in tandem with the well-known plank. Nothing can ruin cross training for surfing quite like an injury so keep safety in mind when trying new exercises.

Wearing The Same Shorts To Do Both

Working out in your men’s or women’s boardshorts as an alternative to gym shorts can be more comfortable, especially when doing surf specific exercises. Gents, our Waterman compression shorts will not limit your movement which is imperative in weightlifting (remember, they’re designed to keep everything together even on the most embarrassing trip over the falls)! Another bonus to these men’s compression shorts is the quick-drying characteristics protect you from uncomfortable rashes. And don’t worry about those funky workout odors with these compression shorts either as we designed them to prevent that even after a weekend lost in the trunk, wet. There are various patterns and color options, so you’ll find some sure to fit your personal style.

Weightlifting for surfers will always be beneficial as both sports have plenty in common, more than many might see. Set yourself up for success on the water by putting yourself into the best physical shape that you can then see what you can do!

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