How to Stay Warm When Swimming in Cold Water?

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How can they do it? How can people will themselves to take off their clothes and get into icy cold water? Are they crazy?

Cold water, cold weather and cold bodies, nothing stops the true watermen. Lifeguards and Coast Guards must perform dangerous icy water winter rescues and participate in winter tri-outs and practice rescues all year long. As well, tri-athletes, competitors and adventurous individuals also brave the frigid waters. How do Watermen enter the bitter cold water to kayak, surf, sail, paddle board, dive or a multiple of other sports without hesitation, you ask; well here is how.

Cover Your Upper Body

Watermen yearn for warmth without the reduction of mobility or speed. Covering the body is the key to cold water survival.

Cover the upper torso with rashguards. Rashguards hold the heat close to your body instead of being hit constantly with bouts of bitter cold water. Rashguards keep the muscles warm and help prevent cramps and muscle weariness. Rashguards also help prevent abrasions caused from boards, life vests or wet suits. Our rashguards are built with soft smooth 4-way stretchy AquaFast Extra Life Lycra and have low profile flat-locked seams that allow a full range of motion for paddling or swimming, while guaranteeing rash free protection. Another way to stay warm is by wearing surf shirts, which are similar rashguards, but looser fitting.  Our rashguards and surf shirts are hydrophobic, quick drying and water repellant. Layer the rashguard or surf shirt with a wetsuit, dry suit or a survival suit.

Rashguards or surf shirts will also keep your child from suffering blue lips after cold water swimming. Not only do rashguards and surf shirts keep your kids warm, but also provide sun protection UPF 50+. These rashguards and surf shirts are quick drying and breathable. They come in short or long sleeves. Rashguards fit tighter helping with muscles support, while surf shirts are made with special looser fitting fabric giving children a t-shirt like feel. No more rashes from boogie boards or sand. Note; surf shirts are made with chlorine block material making them great for indoor pools.

cold water, warm water gear, stay salty, earn your salt, original watermen, compression shorts, watermen linersCover the Lower Half                      

Watermen never forget their lower ½, and compression shorts are their go to. Compression shorts or often referred to as boardshort liners, slide easily under almost anything. Not all compression shorts are made the same. Our compression shorts are made to be used in the water as well as on land, and they are perfect for multi-talented people. Low-drag compression shorts stream line your body, shaving seconds off your time. They are tight-fitting, which supplies extra support and warmth while holding muscles in place, thus improving blood flow, boosting athletic performance. Compression shorts also help prevent muscle exhaustion and assist in quick muscle recovery. Our compression shorts have flat locked seams, keeping you free from the bare rough edges of the material. Flat lock seams prevent friction between the skin and the material, therefore prohibiting hot spots, and formation of painful rashes near your private areas. Note: Our compression shorts are made with antimicrobial odor eliminating material. Nothing is worse than reeking like a dead fish after a race or workout. Depending on the severity of the water conditions and the weather, compression shorts can be worn alone due to the double layered front panel that makes them non-revealing, or be worn under board shorts, wetsuits or with other survival gear.

Are there compression shorts for children? Our “junior” sized compression shorts range from small to large child, so your child no longer has to worry about sand gathering in their cotton underwear causing rashes, and leaving your them wet and cold.

Finally, if you are a serious swimmer you may want to consider neoprene socks. Exposure to cold water often results in a throbbing feeling, but having neoprene on your feet allows you to slowly adjust to the temperature without any painful annoyance. Even professional racers use neoprene socks, as they are completely legal to race in. Though it is suggested to take them off once your body has adjusted to the current water temperature.

At Original Watermen, we back our products as being the best for creating a feeling of a warm water environment in the most frigid water, and supplying the highest quality apparel during the harshest of winter months.


Rashguards, cold water, warm water gear, stay salty, earn your salt, original watermen