Shark, Guns, Pools, Oh My

shark, original watermen, earn your salt, stay salty, lifeguard equipment, Yes, we have shark attacks and guns but drowning is the most serious threat to children. In 2015, an estimated 372,000 people died from drowning compared to 291 from accidental gunshot wounds and zero shark attack deaths. Guns are lethal weapons and should be securely locked and kept from children, however, a swimming pool is far more likely to be the cause of the accidental death of a child. Drowning is the 3rd leading cause of unintentional injury death worldwide. Globally the highest drowning rates are among children. Drowning is one of the top 5 causes of death for people ages 1-14 in half the countries in the world. Males are more likely to drown than females.

The aim over the past 50 years has been to drastically reduce these drowning numbers. Lifeguards have made huge advances in water safety and in emergency medical treatments along beaches and in pools around the globe. Swimming and water safety is being taught to children throughout the world, through programs like the Junior Lifeguard program. This increased public awareness of water hazards and how to avoid potentially dangerous situations have brought the water death rates down tremendously.

There are many effective drowning prevention courses. Swimming lessons are essential for all children. There are even free programs out there within most communities. Even if you fear the water make sure your kids are water safe. As your child masters and completes the basic water safety programs, take it to the next level and seek out Junior Lifeguard Programs in your area. These Junior Lifeguard programs combine education with recreation.  Junior Lifeguard programs not only teach your children professional lifesaving skills but how to be responsible and to respect others, the program builds their self confidence, it also prepares them for a great job in the future and looks great on college applications.

To enter a Junior Lifeguard program your child will have to pass a swim test. This test is mandatory and determines if they possess the minimum skills needed to safety participate in this type program. Your child will have to be able to swim under water, tread water for three minutes and swim 100 yards in close to two and a half minutes. When a child fails, it is usually due to improper or not preparation at all.

First aid and safety are taught along with team building skills. The junior lifeguards have workouts and will practice lifeguard rescue techniques daily.  The junior lifeguard program is not for the meek or mild, due to its physically challenging and demanding nature. Junior Lifeguard programs can run from 1 to 10 weeks. During that time, they gain a great respect for the water.

Participants in the Junior Lifeguard program will practice being both victim and rescuers. They will learn how to use marine rescue tubes. The tubes and cans are strong enough to support both the victims and rescuer’s weight to make the water rescue easier. The rescuers will practice placing victims securely on backboards and using CPR. To protect your child and avoid transferring of any diseases they will be using Original Watermen’s CPR kits which include mask, gloves and wipes.

Since your children will be spending a lot of time in the sun and elements, so they will need protection from both the sun and the cold. Two things you can use to protect your child from the sun.

#1 Solrx sunscreen voted number in its class, is a medical grade formula that lasts for 8 hours with one application. It doesn’t clog your pores as the heavy creams do and won’t get in your lungs as the aerosol types.

#2 Rash guards are a great way to keep your kids protected from the sun, as well as provide warmth during their training. Make sure the rash guard you purchase has a protection of SPF 50*. Rash guards come in short or long sleeves offering a glove like fit for extra support and warmth for the muscles. As well there is a looser fitting surf shirt for those who need a bit more room.

Original Watermen sponsored junior lifeguard programs and their site has up to date junior lifeguard equipment for all your junior lifeguards.

shark, original watermen, earn your salt, stay salty, lifeguard equipment, rashsuard