How The Right Boardshort Liners Helps With Wetsuits in Colder Months

Boardshort Liners, Watermen Shorts, Compression Shorts, Original WatermenThe right boardshort liners underneath your wetsuit can make a huge difference in the colder months. Original Watermen Boardshort liners give your waterman an extra layer of warmth.  One extra layer heating up your engine can take you the extra mile.


The Watermen shorts are boardshort liners that are breathable, eco-friendly soft lycra made from recycled fishing nets. These boardshort liners are made by Watermen for Watermen. As keepers of the ocean, we understand the impact we make and we do our best to mitigate those effects. The Watermen Short is eco-friendly and made from recycled fishing nets. You will have a clear conscience and clear of rashes, while rocking these bad boys. Original Watermen continues to set the bar high with quality craftsmanship when making their products. The Watermen Shorts are no exception, as they’re made with ultra-soft, breathable Lycra®. Combine this comfort and sustainability with the draw-cord waist and you won’t have any reason to ever take these boardshort liners off.


Don’t let your muscles catch a chill underneath your wetsuits. If you’re really getting after then you’re destined to get some water flushing through your suit. We want to encourage that charging attitude so instead of second guessing a knifing drop because of the cold water, go for it and know that board short liners are solid backup plan to getting some integral pieces warm.


Not only are the watermen shorts perfect for layering under your wetsuit, they also aid in the treacherous changing process. When it’s cold outside, you want to spend the least amount of time in the low temps, especially in your bare skin. If you are already prepped in your board short liners, the changing process will be done in record speed. You’ll be toasty and getting spit out of tubes before your mates can even get themselves zipped up.


These boardshort liners are optimal for layering and giving you core warmth in the colder months. They fit like a second-skin, so you get the added warmth without the weight. Stay light and fluid in the Watermen shorts.

Watermen Liners, Comression Shorts, Original Watermen,

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