The Retro Phenomenon: Why are Retro Swim Trunks so Popular

Retro BoardshortsThe good ole days may be a distant memory but that doesn’t mean we can’t relive them through our lifestyle. Pictures, stories, and music tell a tale of empty waves, simpler times, and a style that is timeless. How can you not want to style out with a look that represents such a golden time!? The retro swim trunks phenomenon has stormed through the men’s swimwear market and shows no signs of slowing down any decade soon.  Here’s why we think men’s retro swim trunks – also known as retro boardshorts – are so popular:

Lifestyle is the first reason why the retro boardshorts are so popular. Even if you weren’t able to experience the 60s & 70s, you understand it was a time of empty waves, campfires and a simple living. You didn’t check the traffic report before jumping into your van; and to chase the sun and waves, you just grabbed your comfy boardshorts and you went. The retro swim trunks represent a time of easy living.

The length of Original Watermen’s Retro boardshorts is ideal for earning your salt. With a 5” inseam, your knees are free to move as they please. The short cut of the legs rings true to the vintage swim trunks style. We aren’t headed to a rap show with board shorts sagging past our knees; we want to be able to swim like fish, surf like gods, and move like the wind. Therefore, having the perfect length of boardshorts is an integral part of mobility and comfort.

Original Watermen’s retro board shorts do not compromise function for style and the performance is up there with the best. These retro boardshorts are engineered with 2 side-seam pockets sewn down with mesh gussets to streamline water elimination. That means you’re gonna be able to keep up with the wahoos. The drawstring design won’t stretch out and it stays secure in extreme conditions – no worrying about giving the line-up a full moon while duck-diving. The wicking “cool plus” inside liners are sure to keep your watermen cool and comfortable in even the warmest waters.

We can’t guarantee that our retro swim trunks will score you empty waves, but we can guarantee style and function that only the legends talk about. If you dig these vintage swim trunks, make sure you check out our full line of men’s tees to match. That combination will score you a 10, both in and out of the water.


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