Rashguards: Beat the Summer Sun (not just the rashes)

Rash guards are a simple weapon to combat the everyday sun, salt and skin irritation that comes with the territory of being a waterman this summer. We know what it’s like to pull up to overhead, perfect peaks; all thoughts of sunscreen application quickly become forgotten. Keep it simple, grab a sunscreen stick for your face and throw on a performance rashguard. Not only are you protected from the sun’s harmful rays with these UV-protective shirts; you also won’t be worrying about reapplication during your marathon surf sessions. It’s never a bad way to start your session by being the first one to the peak because your mates are busy with their sunscreen back-rub train in the parking lot.

Whether you call them rashguards, uv shirts or surf shirts, you should be equipped with at least one in order to battle the summer sun. According to skincancer.org, “1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer in the course of their lifetime”. These are scary numbers, especially as watermen, who have a unique relationship with the sun. Prolonged sun exposure is a necessary side effect of being watermen, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be smart about protecting our skin.

Original Watermen’s rash guards are SPF 50+ and fit like a second-skin; made to perform with your body, without you noticing it’s there.

Whether your surf, paddle, kayak, dive, fish, open water swim or anything else, Rashguards - UV Shirts for Watermenthis summer is sure to be filled with countless adventures on and in the water. There’s nothing worse than resembling a tomato at the end of your adventure. Honestly, there are way better souvenirs to collect than melanoma.

Have you ever tried to surf after smothering your rashes with petroleum jelly? Although it might be relief for your rashes, it definitely causes issues for your surfing; the face to board dismount is not considered a progressive maneuver just yet… A surf rash guard will keep the wax sticky, and your back burn-free.

While protecting your skin is the most important benefit of wearing a rash guard, they also provide you with a rash-free day. And not only do rash guards protect you from suffering rashes, they also contain compression technology, which allows your muscles to feel fresh, warm and ready to perform.

Did your buddy just hit a 200-pound tuna and you’ve got slippery sunscreen hands and are tasked with the gaff? Don’t blow it! Keep the sunscreen reapplication to a minimum while wearing your rash guard on your next offshore mission. Get the real deal.

Regular cotton shirts and other dry-fit shirts just don’t do the job right. It’s important to research the SPF offered in rash guards and get the protection your skin needs. The special blend of 78/22% Xtra-Life Nylon Lycra in Original Watermen’s rash guards guarantees protection, comfort and top-performance. Combo that with any pair of boardshorts and a fresh snapback hat, and you’ll be ready for whatever comes your way.

Like the old mariner’s saying goes: Red Skin at morning sailors take warning… That’s not really the saying, but if it had been written in 2016, it may have been. The bottom line is that this is the only skin you’ll get and taking care of it is an important part of the watermen lifestyle. Earn Your Salt, not your sunburn.


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