How to Provide True Support to Your Upper Leg Muscles

boardhsorts, compresion shorts, watermenliners

Our upper leg muscles allow us to swim, surf, train and be watermen. The upper leg muscles are crucial element in body movement. If those engines bog out on you, your session is toast. Be proactive in muscle care. Provide your leg muscles with true support by wearing men’s compression shorts while you are Earning Your Salt.


As watermen, we are constantly reaping the benefits of the fountain of youth (the ocean). It keeps us young and lively, but this does not mean that is not important to take other measures to make sure you stay in the water and firing on all cylinders. It is so important to prevent thigh muscle strain. Do what you can to retain muscle temperature. Original Watermen’s compression shorts offer a host of benefits to keep you training harder and in the water longer.


The Watermen compression shorts for men give your muscles added warmth, making them a perfect addition to your training gear. Our compression shorts are tight-fitting shorts that work to hold muscles in place and improve performance and recovery. Keeping your muscles warm prevents muscle strain. The compression improves blood flow allowing oxygenation to keep the stoke alive in your upper leg muscles.

 boardhsorts, compresion shorts, watermenliners

Not only are you looking out for your health, you will also be looking like the baldest fish in the sea, gym, house, beach, well— just where ever you end up sporting them. Original Watermen’s compression shorts are offered in a plethora of colors in patterns, double-lined and made out of silky-soft Lycra. This material is ultra-breathable and is the perfect amount of gradient compression.


Do not be too sore to score the next swell. Capitalize on all the benefits that compression shorts offer your upper leg muscles. You can thank us after you catch your next leg-burner session and were the first guy in the water and the last one out. Check out our other article  “How Compression Shorts Have Affected Men’s Sports Performance”