The Perfect Boardshorts Workout for fall

Do not have an offseason, as watermen, it is integral to stay fit all year around. Fall time is the best season to take your training to the next level. The air is cooler, the tourists are gone and there is no better time than now to Earn Your Salt. Here is your guide on what to wear and what to do to keep you in the water stronger and longer:

Dressing properly for a workout is an important part of having a successful training session. What you wear sets the tone. If you dress lazy, you perform lazy. If you dress in breathable stretchy gear, you are more likely to accomplish your workout goals. Here is what we suggest wearing to achieve your ultimate fall workout.

Watermen Super Stretch

BoardshortsThe Watermen Super Stretch boardshorts are the perfect boardshort for a workout because of their comfortable 4-way super-stretch durable technology. These boardshorts are Original Watermen’s premiere short. Stretch, bend, and train in any manner and these bad boys will be with you every step of the way.

Since it is fall time and air has a little chill to it, we suggest pairing the Watermen Super Stretch with the Watermen Short underneath. The Watermen boardshort liners add a much needed layer of warmth to your workout gear just right for the cooler fall time. You don’t your muscles getting cold while working out, the Watermen Super Stretch boardshort and boardshort liner are the perfect combination to keep your muscles warm and ready to perform.

Now that you have the right workout gear for the fall here are areas to concentrate on training in order to achieve a surf specific workout.


Some good ways to work on your balance is to train on a balance board/ indo board type of equipment. Balance training can also be achieved by practicing a variation of squats and lunges. Stay balanced and practice often.


A strong core is essential to a high surfing performance. Your core muscles keep you stabilized while paddling, turning and rotating, and balance. An excellent core exercise is the side plank with reach through. To practice this exercise, set yourself on your side and propped up with your arm, stack your feet and pull your arm underneath your body and back all while keeping you head rotating and focused on your arm.


Being a strong paddler is one of the most important parts to surfing. It’s the difference between catching waves and not, and you can’t be a surfer if you don’t catch waves. Push-ups and pool swims are an excellent way to keep your muscles trained and endurance up to par.

Do not cut your session short because you have not trained properly. Be prepared for a fall full of chasing swells. Get your gear ready with Original Watermen and set up a consistent training program. The fall is the best time to get and stay prepared for all of the adventures on the horizon.


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