Original Watermen pays tribute to the brave souls

ImageAt Original Watermen, we strive to represent and acknowledge all people who live for singular excellence in any and all challenges they face. With our watermen-inspired boardshorts, trunks, tees, hats, hoodies, jackets and other apparel, we pay tribute to all the brave souls who stare down fear and facing it head on, without hesitation.

True watermen know it takes more modalert online than throwing yourself in the ocean once a week to feel the salt water. Watermen live and breathe a passion that is unlike anything else they’ve ever experienced. Watermen venture to uncharted waters, seeking new depths and new adventures. The fear that stems from the unknown is what keeps them going, moving further in to the ocean, taking on bigger or deeper waters to surf or dive. At Original Watermen, people often ask us, what does ‘Earn Your Salt’ mean? Well, earning your salt may have a different meaning to all watermen, but the basis remains the same – coming from deep within the self, the overwhelming passion to be in, near and one with the ocean and water. And coming from that, watermen respect and are humbled by this passion, and continue to seek the next possibility.

Some people go an entire lifetime without knowing what this passion is. Watermen can’t even always describe it, but when it’s there, you know. Original Watermen pays tribute to the brave souls who conquer their fears head – and board – on. Only true watermen know and strive for the connection between bravery and fear, but take on the challenge anyway, rising to the occasion.

Original Watermen base their line of apparel and accessories around knowing that it will be put to the test by all the swimmers and surfers putting their equipment to the test each time they are out in the water. Watermen strive for the fear that comes with braving the unknown, and we make sure our apparel and equipment will be up to the task. For all things watermen need to engage in this passion, visit www.originalwatermen.com. Our large selection of waterman based tees, boardshorts, swimsuits, accessories and apparel is sure to be just as resilient the watermen who wear them.


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