Why We Need Lifeguards on Cruise Ships

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Want to save the entire ship population and all the family members from a lifetime of pain? Add lifeguards. There were numerous cruise ship drowning last year with almost equal amounts of near-drownings. This does not count those who drowned on the ships scheduled excursions.

The ships lifesaving equipment is limited mostly to a lifesaving ring situated somewhere around poolside or perhaps if you are lucky there might be a lifesaving hook nearby also. This is not enough. You need an actual trained professional lifeguard with the correct equipment always available scanning the pool continually. Many ships aboard children drown due to lack of supervision and distractions. We need actual trained professional guards on duty at all public pools, whether on a ship, at a school or in a park.


Cruise ship pools aren’t safe. Firstly, you can have very crowded pools, filled with a wide variety of people varying in age and activity levels. You may have the mature swimmers who are happily splashing around or relaxing in the vibrant turquoise water. These mature swimmers are a bit less stable and less agile as they once were and can slip, fall or just need an immediate helping hand to save them from an on board catastrophe. Or the super athletes swimming their daily workout or the very young wildly active people without a care in the world or a large pack of non-swimmers, who are all in the pool together. The entire group is trying to navigate around the pool and through the crowds of people, while keeping an eye out for the surprise deep end drop off, as the ship sways side to side, from the swells in the ocean. Combine that mixture with drunk swimmers, or drunk preoccupied parents and you are in for a disaster at sea. A fun filled holiday turns into a nightmare and that treasured family moment is lost forever. 


Original  Watermen is by far the best place to seek  that essential lifesaving equipment. The Original Watermen lifeguard store has quality lifesaving equipment such as professional trauma bags, rescue cans, rescue tubes, backboards or spine-boards. They also have a wide selection of official lifeguard clothing at their one stop shopping lifesaving company, which is owned and operated by professional lifeguards. 

lifeguard equipment, original Watermen, watermen equipment, stay salty