Men’s Swim Trend: Shorter Retro Looking Swim Trunks


Retro Swim Trunks – The New Old Trend

Vintage swim trunks style have come full circle. Up until the 90s, short swim trunks were the preferred style and we are thrilled to see the trend make it back. The baggy, long swim trunks are out and the shorter, slim style are in. Here are some reasons why you should jump aboard the trend:

Above the knee swim trunks have a boatload of advantages, especially for watermen. You never need to stress about your board shorts catching on your knees and holding you back from pushing over the ledge of the next set wave. Less length means a lighter trunk and that will optimize any salty day. Original Watermen Retro shorts features a 5” inseam, making them the ideal retro length.

If comfort is the most important aspect you look for in a swim trunk, then look no further. There’s no question that the retro swim trunks are stylish, but Original Watermen’s retro trunk does not compromise comfort for style. These shorts are the crisp bottom to top turn, off the lip combination- style & comfort all in one.  They are constructed with wicking, “cool plus” liners on the inside that allow for a rapid dry time and reflects your water and land amphibious, dual life. In addition, the retro swim trunks offer 2 side-seam pockets.

Shorter swim trunks are not only functional but stylish. Walking around in a shorter, slimmer cut trunks are sure to make all the whines drool. There’s always been an aesthetic appeal to wearing a trunk cut to a better form to your body, it’s not as flattering to be seen in baggy trunks. You want to swim in your trunks, but not literally swim IN your trunks.

The trend is here to stay. The 90s tried to hook watermen on the long short look, but it just isn’t functional or appealing. So do yourself a favor and stock up on your Original Watermen retro swim trunks. It is a timeless style that is sure have you staying salty.


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