What Material are Rashguards Made From?

john john in rashie

Motion in the ocean and motion of the watermen are integral aspects for a successful expedition. In order to keep your motion up, you need an important addition to your watermen gear – a rash guard. Rashguards are made for warmth, comfort and skin protection. Whether you are surfing, swimming, fishing or a connoisseur of many water sports, rashguards are able to fill many purposes in your next watermen adventure. They come in many different fits and styles but the material that rashguards are made of is what’s most important.

Original Watermen’s rash guards are made out of a premium blend of 78/22% Xtra-Life NylonLycra. This top of the line fabric is watermen-approved because of it’s ability to be fast-drying, form-fitting and even provide UV shirt protection. The flat-locked seams in our rash guards’ design help prevent chafing and rashes. Our fabric is designed to stretch and fit your body like a second skin. The special blend of fabric allowing fast-drying gives you an amphibious approach to any of your watermen adventures. The fish might have it figured out with their scales, but Original Watermen’s rash guards come in at a close second to nature’s ultimate design.

Rash guards are also known as UV shirts because of the protection they provide our skin from the sun. Sun protection is one of the most important reasons to wear a rash guard. Encourage longevity of your skin and keep it protected. Rashguards provide sun protection because of their specially-blended fabric that contains a sun protectant known as a UPF. Original Watermen’s rash guards offer an SPF/UPF of 50+. This ensures that the only thing that’s potentially burning when you get back from your offshore adventure is the yellowfin on the grill that you hooked (but maybe try not to burn that either).  Check out some more information about the benefits of our rash guards.

You remember the wave of the day you went backwards over the falls on just because you couldn’t take another hard dig with the rash in your arms pits??? Yeah, you remember, and so do all your buddies and fellow watermen that were out with you that day. Throw on a surf rash guard, jump in a time machine, paddle back into that wave and that memory turns into a barrel ride so legendary your grand-kids will be telling the story about it for years and years. A surf rash guard will keep you rash-free in the water longer, packing tubes all day.

You know that conquest feeling you get at the end of the day? You scored good waves, chased some fish, raced the sun, and pushed yourself deeper into the unknown. Here, at Original Watermen, we call that earning your salt. It’s a special urge watermen seek each morning and dream about at the end of each day. We truly believe that in order to perform at your best, much like soldiers preparing for battle, you need the right equipment. Don’t limit yourself with sunburns and rashes, be the best watermen you can be in Original Watermen’s rash guard.

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