Lifeguard Rash guards: 5 Important Benefits to Ensure Yours Have

rashguard, original watermen, stay salty, earn your salt, sun protection, no rashLifeguards, junior lifeguards, surfers, standup paddle boarders, boogie boarders and all other water adventurers that spend time in the ocean, rivers, lakes or pools, need to be protected from the elements (sun, sand, wind and cold). They spend long hours, day after day battling the elements that wreak havoc on their bodies without the proper protection. Sunburns, rashes, skin cancer, chafing, abrasions, and a variety of other problems can be controlled by the simple use of a rash guard or surf shirt.


Rash Guards originated in Australia and besides being associated with water sports they are now being used in other sports such as baseball, American football, water polo etc. These athletes are using rash guards and surf shirts for protection against cuts, burns and the spread of diseases. Variations of the rash guard can be seen around the world.


Lifeguards by far spend the most time exposed to the various elements described above, so rash guards are basically part of their everyday work attire. Original Watermen, a company owned and operated by lifeguards, has created a lifeguard rash guard for men and women, as well as the everyday water lover. Our rash guard has been tested and proven year after year, by the men and women protecting the lives of others.  That said; take note of the five most important qualities each rash guard must adhere to.


The material should be made from a 70 / 20% extra life nylon Lycra. This advanced high performance material has a unique silk touch feel. The Aqua Plus is a 4-way stretch moisture wicking fabric which keeps you dry and comfortable. Aqua Plus fabrics provide an enhanced performance feature of water repellency, the water beads up and roll off the surface giving you the ultimate in quick-dry comfort. Lifeguard rash guards made with this material are lightweight and are extra soft for utmost comfort. Surf shirts are made of the same material and becoming popular because they are roomer then the tighter fitting rash guard. Fungal infection is often an issue, it can form from cheap, lower quality foam boards. The infection is recognizable by a rash that gets worse and worse and requires medical attention. Original Watermen rash guards and surf shirts offer a protective solution from such an infection. Our rash guards are constructed with an anti-microbial extra life nylon Lycra, which keeps the material free from contaminates.

UV Protection

Skin can be especially sensitive to the sun and sunscreens. Lifeguard rash guards, and all rash guards alike should provide SPF protection. Our rash guards and surf shirts carry a UPF rating of 50+, which blocks out over 98% of the sun’s harmful rays. Many children, and parents, find it is much easier to put on a rash guard or a surf shirt in place of sunscreen. Rash guards and surf shirts are also great because you don’t have to worry about applying and then re-applying the sunscreen. And for those of you who have skin allergies or are sensitivities to the chemicals in sunscreens a rash guard will solve your problem, offering plenty of UV protection.

 The Rash 

Sand and board wax rubs against both lifeguard and surfer’s torso while paddling out, causing abrasions and rashes. Without a rash guard or surf shirt, you end up with a pretty offensive rash on your stomach. Using a rash guard will prevent sand from getting between your skin and your board. Rash guards are tight fitting, like a second skin to prevent it from riding up and leaving the skin exposed between the bottom of the shirt and the top of the board shorts. As well the Flatlock seams keep you comfortable and rash free under the arms. Note: All our rash guards come with the no rash guarantee.

The Fit

The lifeguard rash guard fits snug around the body using a new compression technology which keeps the muscles fresh and engaged with a streamline Second Skin fit. Even the female lifeguard’s rash guard fits as it should while they run to a rescue. The tight fit also provides extra warmth in and out of the water. The rash guard fits easily under the wetsuits without bunching up.  The looser fitting surf shirt is relatively new to the consumer market. They fit more like a t-shirt and can be worn anywhere. The rash guard or surf shirt name generally applies to water sports, but people are using surf shirts for several groups of activities: swimming, boating, golfing, tennis, gardening, water parks, beach trips, pool play, water skiing, surfing, snow skiing, sledding, sailing, in mixed martial arts and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, hiking, and even as athleisure wear.


Our rash guards and surf shirts are made of a supreme hydrophobic material that is water repellent and fails to mix with water-sand. They are color fast to withstand daily doses of chorine while holding their shape. They are ultra-lightweight with exceptional breathability, so the moisture is whisked away. Other important components of a rash guard include flatlock stitching (mentioned above), and six panel construction. Flatlock stitching allows the seam allowances to lay flat to the garment instead of hanging loose from it. It is made by adjusting the overlock or the thread over edge stitch. The Flatlock stitching increases the strength of the garment for your intense exercise or recreational activities. The six-panel construction versus the conventional 4 panel t-shirt construction protects the wearer against rashes caused by abrasion. The low profile flat locked seam construction also provides Seamless paddle zones and the six panel construction delivers exceptional flexibility and long-lasting durability. Together they provide a full motion range for paddling or swimming. The sheik classic looks gives you the style you need to look great anywhere.

Rash guards protect you from many things, from chafing to jelly fish stings, but one of the best features about the lifeguard rash guards is they go from wet to wonderful in minutes, and allow you to work or surf in comfort. No rash guard or surf shirt apparel will suffice, so take some time to view our selection in the Original Watermen lifeguard store before you buy.