Lifeguard clothing comes with new prints, styles, cuts and comfort

At Original Watermen, our lifeguard clothing is made to withstand the strenuous and enthralling conditions lifeguards and watermen face on an everyday basis. Seasoned watermen know the level of comfort that is needed for those laborious 15-hour days, and our lifeguard clothing is made by lifeguards who have spent a lifetime in the water patrolling, surfing, swimming, paddling – you name it. Original Watermen’s lifeguard clothing started in the late ‘70s with lifeguard boardshorts being sold to local lifeguards and watermen in Carlsbad, and quickly grew to suiting the State of California Lifeguards. Now, our lifeguard clothing line outfits over 1,900 lifeguard agencies with a full line of gear and equipment.

Original Watermen’s lifeguard clothing ranges from swimsuits and boardshorts to cold weather clothes and tees. We strive to provide the best quality and comfort in our lifeguard swimsuits, and our clothing is no different. For those chilly morning dawn patrols, we have lifeguard clothing that will keep your team warm. Our Watermen Pant is worn by guards across the country, and can be used for training and working out in colder weather. Our most popular jacket in the watermen line is our Sherpa Fleece, which features our rad Original Watermen chest logo and has warm fleece throughout.

Our lifeguard clothing is specifically inspired by all things watermen, for watermen. It takes a lifetime to Earn Your Salt, and we strive to represent that theme in the artwork featured on our tees and hoodies. One of our classic tees featuring The Duke is an artistic testament to the legend who earned His Salt. And of course, in the spirit of Earning Your Salt, we must pay tribute to the God of the Sea himself, King Neptune, depicted on tees and hoodies. Our waterwomen are often drawn to our popular Mermaid tees – another legendary water mystery. Original Watermen’s lifeguard clothing aims to represent strength in both durability and artistically with our waterman themed prints.

Tees are 100% ring-spun cotton for high quality and durability, and are often times pre-shrunk to fit well – and also helps avoid size issues when shopping via our online store. We make sure our lifeguard clothing continuously sets the bar with new prints, styles, cuts and comfort. We are bringing back the retro shorts while printing new tees and hoodies on a regular basis. Having so many different options, your lifeguards will definitely find a suit and cut that fits their needs, while still patrolling in style.

For our full line of tees, hoodies, boardshorts and other lifeguard clothing, visit our Lifeguard Store at www.originalwatermen.com and place an order, or give us a call at (800) 414-3181.


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