How to Keep Warm After Getting out of the Water?

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Whether you are waiting for a rescue, your competition to begin, or you have just completed your event, there are a variety of hoodies, windbreakers and sweatpants to keep you warm and help get rid of the after chill. Here are some of our favorites.

Humboldt Hoodie

Say you are lobster diving from your kayak, and the water temperature drops, and your body is racked with chills, so it’s time to return to shore. You strip off your damp or wet clothes and want to put on something super soft and warm, we suggest reaching for a Humboldt Hoodie. Humboldt Hoodies are much thicker than your average weight cotton hoodies. The Humboldt hoodie is like wrapping yourself in a fleece blanket. It’s made to fit comfortable, so you can easily layer up. It has a zipper instead of being a pullover keeping your wet from soaking the fleece. It is electronic reach with headphone eyelet and an inside media pocket, it even has thumbholes in the cuffs.

K-38 Jacket

How about if the wind is blowing off the mid-February ocean water, and it’s raining lightly while you are warming up for that long open water swim. Your sweatshirt has gotten heavy and saturated with rain. Your phone no longer works because it too is soaked. This would have been the ideal opportunity for a K-38 Jacket instead of your cotton sweatshirt. The K-38 Jacket is made with 100% waterproof nylon and water resistant seams. The front snaps are great for that quick release right before your race starts keeping your muscles warm until the last minute, before you enter the icy water. And if you sweat a lot, this jacket has underarm grommets for ventilation, which allow you to set the temperature you desire inside your jacket.

Watermen Shepra Hoodie

Picture, you just got out of the frigid water after windsurfing at the Columbia Gouge in Oregon. You’ve been pounded by the chilly east wind for hours, your cold, your muscles are sore. This is the perfect time for a Watermen Shepra Hoodie to be waiting for you on the beach. The Sherpa Hoodie is a super thick soft sheep like fleece lined jacket. The Sherpa Hoodie even has fleece lined pockets for those cold cramping hands to thaw quickly.

Baja Hoodie

The whale sharks are in Baja this time of the year. The water is still warm and swimming without a wetsuit is a dream. As the sun sets and the whale shark scouting is finished for the night. In typical Baha fashion the wind kicks up lowering the temperature around you and you need to put on a light jacket. The Baja Hoodie is a mid-weight cotton jacket that is perfect for the pre-winter weather.

Watermen Pant

When your body is wet, your clothes will stick to you, making it difficult to pull on a pair of pants. The Watermen pant is different, there is no pant like it. It’s like a sweatpants, but not exactly. These pants are built to last and are made in the USA from 100% heavy-duty preshrunk cotton. They are chosen by watermen and lifeguards across the globe for their exceptional comfort, fit, and extra deep pockets and worn on dawn patrol, workouts, training, or whatever. The Waterman Pant has an elastic waist and draw cord for quick and easy removal. Choose from two types of cuff: with elastic for a more casual look, or without elastic for a more dress look. Don’t leave home without them!

We know the importance of being prepared mentally and physically, so we design equipment and clothes that withstand the elements. The wrong gear can mean injures or even death, so it is best to be prepared.

Hoodies, jackets, watermen warmth, Original Watermen Jackets, stay salty, earn your salt, Original watermen Apperal, watermen pants