Help I’ve Been Stung by A Stingray, What Next?

sting rey kit, original watermen, watermen gear, stay salty, earn your salt, sting reysStingrays have made a prominent presence at the ocean beaches this year. The numbers of stingrays in the shallow waters at the beaches have been extraordinary. Beach goers have been getting stung by the hundreds. Summer is over but it’s still hot, and people are still flooding to the beaches. Though, the lifeguard towers are now empty, and there’s no one left to help those who are getting stung.

We have teamed up with RayRX to find a solution to combating the stingray off season, and answering the question “I’ve been stung, now what do I do?”. We have created the perfect solution for lifeguard agencies and their “dirty bucket” epidemic.

After being stung by the venomous, sharp barb found on the tails of a stingray, each victim reacts differently. The barb carries a protein-based venom, that as it enters the body through the wound, causes short-term, but usually very intense pain. The pain caused by a sting is most extreme within the first 30 to 90 minutes, and the pain left untreated can last 6 hours or more, so quick action is vital. A Stingray’s venom is heat labile, meaning hot water not only makes the pain go away, but destroys the venom. Lifeguards must use 110°F (37°C) water to treat stingray injuries.

Getting to the hospital can be a challenge.  Many people have violent reactions to the sting of the stingray. Victims of a stingray stings may emerge from the water having trouble breathing, they may be bleeding profusely, or have intense cramping. The body may become riddled with tremors, as well, nausea and vomiting are common. The faster you can get treatment, the better off you will be. The longer you go without medical treatment, the greater problems can arise and the more excruciating the pain you will be. Crying and screaming tend to happen to even the most macho of men. And trying to drive yourself to the hospital is out of the question.

If you do get stung, your wound needs immediate attention. Every parent, every person, every lifeguard agency should carry the portable instant hot stingray kit available through the lifeguard store. These stingray kits are light weight, compact, and they produce instant hot water, to be used comfortably on the victim’s feet, no matter the size. 

On a typical summer day at the beach the lifeguards will traditionally reuse a white plastic 5-gallon bucket to soak victim’s feet in! The problem with this solution is that when reused, over and over, it is potentially putting the public in jeopardy. Stingray wounds bleed profusely, and quickly fill those buckets with blood. The odds are extremely high in contracting a blood born disease via one of those buckets. The CDC, (Center for Disease Control), specifically states; if blood borne pathogens such as AIDS, Hepatitis, or any other pathogens come in contact with another person’s blood, there is a 100% chance that they will contract the disease. The established process of decontamination by either physical or chemical means, to destroy blood borne pathogens on the surface of the white bucket, is not always followed, and lawsuits have been filed. That said to compliment the RayRX Stingray Kit, there is now the RayRX Stingray Bag. It is specially made for one person use, and has a poly/fabric boot that replaces that dirty plastic bucket. The stingray bag can also be taken home by the victim, to continue treatment.

The Stingray Bag also solves the next issue lifeguards are plagued with, the need to continually rotate hot water every 10 minutes, to keep the temperature where it needs to be. The single use Stingray bags are self-heating, and light enough to be carried in a towel bag. The Stingray Bags military technology can give you hot water anywhere. By using this system, it completely eliminates the possibility of blood borne pathogen transmission from one victim to another.

This small compact stingray kit is great for parents, kids, and surfers. It can even be stored in your car.

True watermen of the past were known to keep a small propane stove, a pan, a 5-gallon plastic bucket, matches and a bottle or two of propane in their cars for this emergency, but the instant hot all in one RayRX Stingray Kit sold at our lifeguard store will save yourself, your kids, or a friend much undue pain and discomfort.

sting rey kit, original watermen, watermen gear, stay salty, earn your salt, sting reys