How to get a Workout Wardrobe with Affordable Performance Pieces

WShort Color TurqShopping for a new workout wardrobe can really buckle your bank account and whether it’s a buckle in your brand new board or a buckle in your account, it never feels all that good. At what price do you want to look good while working out? There are so many brands in the workout market that all of the choices can make your head spin. Shopping for affordable pieces doesn’t always mean you are risking performance. Investing in a few key quality items can take your workout wardrobe to another level. Dressing the part helps you feel more confident which translates into a better, more beneficial workout. Original Watermen is here to help you pick out the best performance wardrobe that is affordable.

Compression shorts are an important element to achieve an ultimate workout. Our Watermen Compression shorts for men offer double lining in the front for added warmth where it counts. The material in our shorts are non-transparent, anti-microbial, and rapid drying. They also include a rash-free guarantee so you’ll be able to push yourself without sacrificing your comfort. Our compression shorts will help you train on land today, so you can stay in the water longer tomorrow. Wear the Watermen compression shorts under board shorts or on their own, whatever style fits your fancy. This affordable, gear addition is a must in any workout wardrobe.

The Watermen Super Stretch Boardshorts are the perfect board short for a workout because of their comfortable 4-way super-stretch durable technology. These board shorts are Original Watermen’s premiere short. The most flexible board short on the market makes you feel like you are working out in your birthday suit, like you are weightless underwater, it will be the closet you get to a naked workout without being arrested at your local gym or indecent exposure. So save the naked workouts for another time, throw on the Watermen Super Stretch board shorts and get wild on the weights, in the water, running stairs, or however you train.

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You need to feel your best while working out. Keep your focus on your body and earning your salt. Don’t stress about spending a fortune on your workout gear. We know that there are plenty of adventures on the horizon that you are budgeting to drop your hard earned coin on. Original Watermen creates affordable, top performance gear for you to get extra salty in.


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