4 Beach Essentials of the Seasoned Beachgoer

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Watermen Essential Gear and Apparel

Look at the different people hitting the beach. What do you see? You see those on vacation, tourists and those who may be at the beach for the first time. You have the locals who look like they have beach written all over them. They have the right beach attire, shoes, shorts, and even sun bleached hair. You have the professionals, those who work at the beach including lifeguards who dress for the job, and have a supply of rescue equipment. Then you have the true watermen. These are the people who live to be in, on, or above the water. They surf, kayak, scuba dive, kite surf, swim, paddle board, etc. The beach is full of different people from all different walks of life. Each different group of beachgoers, need quality beach essentials.




1) The Local

The locals’ beach essentials are unique. Simple and easy is their motto. Locals hit the beach with the absolute bare minimum. Locals ramble around in t-shirts be it men or women, with fantastic designs including cool hats. Add a swimsuit, boardshorts and a towel and they are good to go.

2) Local Young

The young and spry carry everything with one arm, a surf board or a boogie board and fins, and a towel. Custom X makes the best body board on the market and a great set of fins. Custom X fins have a short blade are super comfortable, float and are often the #1 choice of lifeguards. The young also know enough to wear rashguards or surf shirts to protect their upper bodies from getting rashes and provide an extra layer of warmth, for those long hours in the water. Their t-shirts are light weight, soft, comfy and breathable as well.

Young guys and girls alike can both wear boardshorts, which can be worn as a pair of shorts or a swimsuit. The boardshort pocket is very important. Pockets with oversized Velcro closures with locking loops keep keys, money, and board wax safe while in and out of the water. Boardshorts with no drag grommeted cargo pockets are a must. LA County Lifeguards Association declared boardshorts without grommeted pockets unsafe because the pockets fill with water and drag you down. Boardshorts need to be quick drying, breathable and if you are lucky made with Diamond Dobby material.


sting ray, original watermen, earn your salt, stay salty, beach gear, watermen gear3) Local Parents

Local parents pack-it-lite, instead of wagons full of stuff they use the one arm is enough philosophy. Local parents carry a blanket-in-a-bag, a small cooler full of snacks, sandwiches and water. No umbrellas, instead kids are dressed in rashguards, boardshorts, and plastered with sunscreen, while still at the car. They use great sunscreen like SolRx that stays on for the entire duration of the day. Local parent purchase kids swimsuits, rashguards or swim shirts that have built in UPF protection. Throw a hat on their heads and they are sun protected. Since local parents are in the know, they carry a sting ray kit, for protection against sting ray stings, the number one coastal emergency.

4) Local Oldies

The seasoned beachgoer, the cream of the crop, those who have spent most of their life at the beach, have going to the beach down to a science. These seasoned beacher’s have had many years of experience at the beach, testing and comparing different brands of essentials. Their essentials must be durable, top-quality, and extremely practical.

They dress at their car, putting on their boardshorts, or wetsuit by wrapping a towel around themselves. Men and women often wear compression shorts or go commando under their wetsuit. Compression shorts help keep the heat in and prevent irritating rashes. A lot of compression shorts aren’t made for use in the water. That said, look for compression shorts with 100% recycled Econyl Nylon, which is anti-microbial and odor eliminating. Compression shorts made for water also have a safety draw cord waist, and quality compression shorts come with a rash free guarantee, are hydrophobic and water repellent.

Since the seasoned beachgoer goes to the beach year around, on those colder days they too wear rashguards, often under their wetsuits. Note: Rashguards come in long and short sleeves.

Many of the seasoned beachgoers figures have changed over the years, and they prefer swim trunks to boardshorts and one piece swimsuit verses the two-piece swimsuit. Most seasoned beachgoers now wear Retro trunks, retro trunks have liners, elastic waists and pockets. Make sure the Retro trunk you choose uses the super soft Cool Plus liner, and not the old-style mesh. The pockets need to have sand and water drainage.

The locals do it right, so follow their lead.

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