Dressing the Watermen since 1993 – Original Waterman!

Life is tuff in the sea, but life nowhere else is more exciting. Yup, that’s what charges a true waterman. If it’s in the Gods hand to save lives, they are his incarnation. Their job makes them the caretakers of the beaches, but they sacrifice more than anyone else. How often have we admired these people in their gorgeous lifeguard uniform to perform an act?

The true spirit to be the saviors of the sea requires tuff training, adrenaline zeal and the right lifeguard equipment and suits. The watermen are ready for any situation in every point of time. Feel like reading a super hero story? Eh, it can be called so. The super girls come in sexy red lifeguard costumes and the supermen in their retro shorts. It’s also not the material comforts that these angels of the seas want, but it’s in their blood to break free and adapt to what nature has to offer. One may ask what’s the benefit of all this. The answer is while you are busy admiring a high waves surfer in the sea saving a life, they are the ones doing the job. When you visit the seas next time, you are assured that there is someone special who will come to your helm if anything happens. We really salute these true spirited souls and the lifestyle that they have chosen.

We at Original Watermen try to do our bit for these water spirits. We endeavor to provide them with the necessities that would enable them live the sea life. Of course they are the angels over there but a little support from our side will help them achieve their target. The lifeguard uniforms that we make are time tested. They have over the years proved to be successful enough to assist the daredevils. As we believe, “being a Waterman is just not a rank, but it’s a lifestyle”. From 1978 we have established ourselves to be competent enough to make a mark in the waterman community.

The lifeguard apparel that we make has been insured over the years and we have strived successfully to come up with better products each time. Everyone knows what it takes to be a waterman. We make sure that the seekers of the sea benefit form our zeal and live the life they have born for. Our vast ranges of lifeguard apparel are designed effectively to assist the watermen in their lifesaving endeavors. Suited to the most demanding of rescue situations, our lifeguard uniforms are designed to the technicalities of jobs. Perfectly streamlined, they facilitate faster rescue and response to the situation.

Well, watermen and specifically water women are sexy but it is because of the lifestyle they lead and the efforts that they put to be one. They are beautiful people and our products add a charm to it. The excitement and thrill of the occupation is easily reflected in the way they set themselves apart from the crowd.

At Original Watermen we have vast range of watermen tees, cold weather jackets, hats, board shots, lifeguard equipments, retro shorts, sexy swimsuits, and all the waterman products that you deserve for what you do. This is the best selection of lifeguard apparel you will ever find and this is what has made us the best today. Visit for details: http://www.originalwatermen.com/


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