Do’s and Don’ts of Men’s Swimwear


It’s that time of the year, the summer sun and warm water are beckoning. As watermen, we generally don’t stay up to date on the latest trends and fashion faux pas. After all, we’re students of the sea, not the fashion institute. Don’t sweat it, Original Watermen is here to guide you through a safe harbor of do’s and don’ts of men’s swimwear.

DO look for swimwear with good stretchy materials. If you feel comfortable, you look comfortable and comfort leads to optimized performance. Don’t miss the next wave because you can’t bear to move in your cardboard-like, stiff board shorts. Stretchy board shorts work to maximize fluid body movement.

DON’T wear cotton underwear underneath your swimwear. This combination does you no favors in the style or performance department. Cotton underwear is a habitat for disaster, rashes, funky bacteria, and drag. Your swimwear is designed to be fast drying, comfortable, and streamlined; wearing underwear underneath is counterproductive to board short design. we recommend Watermen Shorts , these compression shorts work to keep you warm, rash-free, and allow for high performance and style.

DO make sure you are able to keep your shorts secured tight. The last thing you need to worry about is keeping your shorts in place. Make sure your swimwear has a reliable closure system. Extreme situations call for extreme gear, being in the impact zone during a 5 wave set or assisting a tourist out of a rip current is not the moment you want to find out that your board shorts are now in a personal relationship with your ankles. Our team of watermen, throw on the retro shorts for those extreme situations. The retro board shorts feature a drawstring design that won’t stretch out and stays secure.

DON’T purchase the wrong size swimwear. The comfort of your swimwear has a lot to do with making sure you are wearing the right size suit. Everyone has a different body type so just because your fellow watermen swears by one item does not mean it will work for you. Try on a few styles and ensure your swimwear fits appropriately. This topic is so important to us that we dedicated a blog to it, if you are still unsure of sizing, read more here: Swimwear Buying Guide.

It’s not too late to get the right summer swimwear, watermen shorts, trunks, and board shorts! There are still plenty more fish to be caught, waves to be ridden, and sunsets to be seen this summer. Follow Original Watermen’s Do’s and Don’ts list and you will be sailing in smooth seas in no time.


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