How to Enjoy Cold Water Surfing?

Cold-water surfing,  some watermen love it and others loathe it. If you are one of the latter here are 5 tips to keep your vibe high when the temps are low:


  1. Invest in quality equipment

The right type of rubber makes all the difference in the world. Do you ever wonder how some guys are able to surf all day and make it look like they are in the tropics not a 5/4 in freezing temps, it’s because they have invested in the right type of wetsuit. Make sure the rubber is quality by doing your research and reading reviews. Try on different brands of suits to see what fits your body type the best. Every brand has their own take on sizing so although trying wetsuits is a workout in itself; it will make all the difference in the world if you have the right size suit on.

  1. Change in a warm place

Limit your time in the cold. Change in and out of your suit in a warm area. Crank the heat in your truck and use it as changing room. The less time you have to spend in the elements without your gear on the better. A must have in our winter gear selection are the watermen shorts, a boardshort liner underneath your wetsuit that works like a charm. It gives your barnacles a little extra warmth and offers you an easy transition from wetsuit to clothes and back.

  1. Keep Moving

Don’t sit still, keep your body moving and blood flowing. Once you stop moving your muscles get cold and trying to surf with cold muscles and extremities is like surfing without wax, it’s a no go. If you are feeling cold when you get in the water, get warmed up by paddling around and searching out different peaks, do anything but sit still and freeze your barnacles off.

  1. Boards for the winter

Make sure you have the right board for the winter. If you feel like you’re bogging and don’t know why, it might because you need a board with a little extra volume. A thicker wetsuit adds a good amount of weight to your body, and with that extra weight, you may need to up your board size. A little extra float can make the world of difference in your paddling speed and surfing when you are in a thicker wetsuit.

  1. Have a good attitude

Half the battle of surfing in cold water is your attitude. You know what you are getting yourself into, so why not embrace the adventure and challenge of cold water surfing and keep the smiles alive. If you approach your session with a cold water stoke, we guarantee you will feel warmer.

Winter is coming. Be prepared with the right winter gear and good vibes. With these two things all that will be left to do is go Earn Your Salt!


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