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So You Want To Be A Lifeguard? Things to Consider Before You Apply

People of all ages and from all walks of life are lifeguards. Lifeguards are needed at pools, lakes, rivers, summer camps and at the beach. Reasons for becoming a lifeguard vary from person to person. Some want to be a guard because it’s great pay in great locations or they consider Lifeguarding a career builder, […]
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How to Provide True Support to Your Upper Leg Muscles

Our upper leg muscles allow us to swim, surf, train and be watermen. The upper leg muscles are crucial element in body movement. If those engines bog out on you, your session is toast. Be proactive in muscle care. Provide your leg muscles with true support by wearing men’s compression shorts while you are Earning […]
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Top 3 Swimwear Picks for Men this Fall

It’s fall and we couldn’t be more excited. The tourists are the gone, the waves are good, and the weather is perfect. It’s pretty easy to pick out your gear for hot summer days but what type of swimwear should you being wearing now that the days are a little bit cooler? Here’s what we […]
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Men’s Swim Trend: Shorter Retro Looking Swim Trunks

Vintage swim trunks style have come full circle. Up until the 90s, short swim trunks were the preferred style and we are thrilled to see the trend make it back. The baggy, long swim trunks are out and the shorter, slim style are in. Here are some reasons why you should jump aboard the trend: […]
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Tips for Buying Boardshorts Online

We understand that shopping for boardshorts is a struggle, there are so many factors to consider when deciding. Is it going to fit? Is the cut right? Is this a good style for my body type? Will these boardshorts last me all summer? It’s hard to pick out the perfect suit even in person. Original […]
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The Retro Phenomenon: Why are Retro Swim Trunks so Popular

The good ole days may be a distant memory but that doesn’t mean we can’t relive them through our lifestyle. Pictures, stories, and music tell a tale of empty waves, simpler times, and a style that is timeless. How can you not want to style out with a look that represents such a golden time!? […]
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