Shark, Guns, Pools, Oh My

Yes, we have shark attacks and guns but drowning is the most serious threat to children. In 2015, an estimated 372,000 people died from drowning compared to 291 from accidental gunshot wounds and zero shark attack deaths. Guns are lethal weapons and should be securely locked and kept from children, however, a swimming pool is […]
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Lifeguard Rash guards: 5 Important Benefits to Ensure Yours Have

Lifeguards, junior lifeguards, surfers, standup paddle boarders, boogie boarders and all other water adventurers that spend time in the ocean, rivers, lakes or pools, need to be protected from the elements (sun, sand, wind and cold). They spend long hours, day after day battling the elements that wreak havoc on their bodies without the proper […]
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Tips For Keeping Warm This Winter

Frozen toes and ice cream headaches can’t stop you from reaping the benefits of cold water swells. I know it’s tough to not dream about surfing tropical waves while you’re out braving the elements, but there actually are a few things you can do to make your body feel a little more tropical without jumping […]
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What Your Surf Pack Should have for an Amazing Surf Trip

Surf trips are the Holy Grail for a surfer. Most of us live at a subpar local break and we if don’t, the idea of breaking the everyday monotony and seeking adventure is enough to dedicate our lives to surf tripping. We work to take surf trips; it’s a means of happiness. The adventures spell […]
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Protect Coral Reefs by Wearing Rash Guards

As watermen we are the protectors of the ocean. The ocean is our natural habitat, playground, and sanctuary; if we don’t do our best to keep it around for generations to come than who will? One of the world’s most biodiverse ecosystems, coral reefs, is in danger of dying off and there may be a […]
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Swimwear that keeps you protected – Try a Rash Guard

Whether you are spending the majority of your time underwater or on the surface it is integral to keep your skin protected. Rash guards, uv shirts, or surf shirts have you covered. Rashguards protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays because of their special blend of fabrics. As waterman, we are always looking […]
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