How to Provide True Support to Your Upper Leg Muscles

Our upper leg muscles allow us to swim, surf, train and be watermen. The upper leg muscles are crucial element in body movement. If those engines bog out on you, your session is toast. Be proactive in muscle care. Provide your leg muscles with true support by wearing men’s compression shorts while you are Earning […]
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Rashguards: Beat the Summer Sun (not just the rashes)

Rash guards are a simple weapon to combat the everyday sun, salt and skin irritation that comes with the territory of being a waterman this summer. We know what it’s like to pull up to overhead, perfect peaks; all thoughts of sunscreen application quickly become forgotten. Keep it simple, grab a sunscreen stick for your […]
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5 Tips to Buying Lifeguard Swimsuits

Buying Lifeguard Swimsuit
As an ocean lifeguard of ten plus years I have learned a thing or two about finding the perfect lifeguard trunks. Finding good lifeguard boardshorts and lifeguard swimsuits for women is not as easy as it sounds; and it’s quite a good nugget of knowledge to have, because you are going to be wearing those lifeguard […]
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