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How The Right Boardshort Liners Helps With Wetsuits in Colder Months

The right boardshort liners underneath your wetsuit can make a huge difference in the colder months. Original Watermen Boardshort liners give your waterman an extra layer of warmth.  One extra layer heating up your engine can take you the extra mile.   The Watermen shorts are boardshort liners that are breathable, eco-friendly soft lycra made […]
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Top 5 Wetsuits for the Winter

Top 5 Wetsuits for the Winter   Finding the right wetsuit is nothing short of a marathon. Wetsuits come in all different types of fits, thicknesses and feature all different types of technology. Some suits offer extra warmth, some are more flexible and others are fast-drying. It’s best to go into the shopping process with […]
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Top Outdoor Workout

Top Outdoor Workout Clothes This Winter: The chilly mornings are upon us. It’s taking extra motivation to jump in the frigid water every morning. You sip your coffee just a little slower so you can really enjoy every bit of the warmth while you have it. If the low temps have you down check out […]
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The 5 Best Surf Spots in Southern California

With the run of recent swell, we figured it was a good time to look over some of our favorite (talked about) waves in Southern California. If you are fortunate enough to have a few of these waves within a day’s drive, make sure to check them out. Finding new waves to surf is a […]
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5 Surf Goals for 2017

Travel- 2017 is the year of travel. Mexico and Central America are high on my surf travel destinations list. They boast a plethora of world-class locations. Most even have the comforts of warm water, waves year round, and are relatively inexpensive. If you are living in Southern California a great way to find cheap airfare […]
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Tips For Keeping Warm This Winter

Frozen toes and ice cream headaches can’t stop you from reaping the benefits of cold water swells. I know it’s tough to not dream about surfing tropical waves while you’re out braving the elements, but there actually are a few things you can do to make your body feel a little more tropical without jumping […]
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