6 Things to Pack for the Beach

Rescue Tube, Original Watermen, Lifeguard equipment, original Watermen gear, Beach necessities, stay saltyThe beach is full of people, tourists, locals, professionals, and true watermen. Tourists flood to the beach with cars and wagons piled high with ice chests, towels, chairs and huge umbrellas or shade tents. Tourists wear different clothes; they do different things and have different needs at the beach then the locals, professionals or true watermen. Tourists can be honeymooners, families full of kids, retirees, or tourist from different parts of the country or those from different counties. Each person is unique but they all have the same desires, a happy, safe, fun time at the beach. We have watched decades of people flock to the beach and in doing so have compiled a list of essentials for newbies and tourists heading to the beach.

1)      Sunscreen

The number one essential is a great sunscreen. Sunscreen selections can be overwhelming. There are so many choices, UV factors, ingredients, spray-on vs. wipe-on, waterproof or not, and lotions vs. oils. Sunscreen can be a waste of money if it washes off immediately when you go in the water. Get a good sunscreen like SolRx. SolRX was voted best in its class. SolRX sunscreen is medical grade zinc based formula that goes on quick and will last 8 hours with one single application. SolRX sunscreen doesn’t clog the pores like some of the thick and greasy lotions and spray-ons. SolRX is recommended by dermatologists for those with acne or sensitive skin. It is both hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. It protects baby soft skin as well as aging skin. It doesn’t run and burn the eyes when exposed to the water.

2)      Retro Swim Trunks

So, you’re not into the classic board short, try retro swim trunks. Retro swim trunks offer 2 side-seam pockets with mesh gussets for stream lined water flow, so your pockets don’t fill with water and pull your trunks off. The mesh gussets also release air so you don’t get that big balloon look. There are different kinds of mesh liners, rough and brassy and the silky, soft Cool-Plus liners that take the Retro Swim trunks to the highest-level of comfort. The liners are ultra comfortable, supply super support and they wick away moisture, keeping you dry and high. The waist band is elastic and holds up in the waves.

Rashguards, Original Watermen, Lifeguard equipment, original Watermen gear3)      Rashguards

Don’t take your kids to the beach in an old t-shirt. They fill with water and can drag your child down in the water. Cotton t-shirts stretch and tangle up in their legs make movement difficult.  Sand slips in between the cotton woven fabric and causes terrible rashes on many parts of your child’s body. Rashguards are tightly woven, light weight, breathable, super quick drying beach shirts. Most provide UV protection and some give a rash free guarantee.

Kids also need other things such as swimsuits and hats. Check out the Jr. lifeguard selection of beach wear, it has everything needed to outfit children with top notch, high quality gear that is made to stay up, stay-on, and has UV protection built in.

4)      Stingray Kit

There has been an influx of stingrays this year. Be sure to shuffle your feet while you are in the water. If stung get the person’s foot into very hot water immediately. Stingray kits are perfect and easy to use in such an emergency. The stingray kit contains everything you need to make sure the stung person goes without 6 hours of excruciating pain. The stingray kit is light weight and convenient to carry. Every parent should have one.

5)      Hats

Besides a huge umbrella, you need shade to stop the sun from beating down on the top your head. A hat also helps block UV rays, as well as sand glare. We have a great selection of hats. They have a variety of comfortable baseball style hats with terrific beach logos. Check out the snapback, trucker and 5 panel style hats. If you want more protection try a Tonga hat, La Palapa hat or Guard Flex visor.

6)      Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a personal choice. Make sure they wrap around your eyes and don’t leave areas in which the sun can sneak in and damage your eyes. Spend some money and get glasses that have both 400 UV protection and UVB protection. Polarized glasses reduce the glare coming off the asphalt, sand and water.

These essentials will ensure you have a fun, safe day at the beach. We strive to supply all beachgoers with the perfect gear for the beach.

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