5 Best Southern California Surf Spots

Surf rash guard is a must for your tripsWith the run of recent swell, we figured it was a good time to look over some of our favorite (talked about) waves in Southern California. If you are fortunate enough to have a few of these waves within a day’s drive, make sure to check them out. Finding new waves to surf is a quest that gets most surfers blood pumping.  Our 5 best surf spots starts on the cusp of Central California and then the list works itself south.


1) Black’s Beach is home to one of the most powerful, punchiest waves on the Southern California coast thanks to the underwater trench that lies just beyond the break. In addition to scoring some punchy waves, you can also be free as the day you were at this nudist beach. If nudist beach is quite your thing, we’ve got you covered in the Original Watermen shop to keep all your parts a little more private than this list of waves. Check out Black’s Beach on a W, NW, or SW swell.

2) Rincon borders Santa Barbara and Ventura County and is a regular footers dream wave. It is a right-hand point break. Manage to snag a few of these leg-burners in the inevitably thick crowd and you’ll have your fill of surfing in just a couple rides. Look for either a West, West South West, West North West with NE winds to see this spot light up.

3) Malibu is an iconic wave that most surfers from around the world have heard about. It’s home to Gidget! You may even run into a few other movie stars at this wave. One thing that is for sure is you definitely wont be alone out at this wave. But don’t let that discourage you. Score a south swell here and you’ll be laughing your way around dodging Johnny Utahs out there.

4) Huntington Beach is also nicknamed “Surf City USA” and with a claim like that you really must check this spot off your Southern California surf spot list. Huntington Beach Pier is the epitome of Southern California surf spots. Hang out in the parking lot, catch a few pier bowls and you’re just a few days short of being a local. A positive note for HB Pier is it is probably one of the most consistent waves on the Southern California coastline. Therefore, not too much planning needs to go into scoring this wave, but if you must know, we would give this spot a look on a South, SSE, or SW swell.

5) Lowers is that wave you spent drawing on the cover of your notebook all through your High School math class. It is perfection, a little trail walk will lead you to a perfect cobblestone A-frame. Lowers is a world-class wave that on any given day can show host to the best professional surfers in the world. It’s the closet you will get to a perfect wave after Kelly Slater’s wave pool. If the forecasts are calling for a south swell get your waterman self to Lowers.

Now it’s time for you to get in your car and Earn You Salt! Keep your eye on the forecast to make sure to check off these waves one by one and we will guarantee you might even find a few hidden gems on the search.